Whatever made you think that elections would mean you got good quality decisions? - 19/05/2016

So! You believe in the Republic ... You believe in the democratic process ... you believe that accountability is our true savior. Wonderful! Perhaps I can interest you in this wonderful second hand car. Only one careful owner, Father Christmas and his pet, the Easter Bunny.

Seriously, do you an educated, rational person think it is sufficient to elect an individual into office to get good quality decisions?

To get good quality decisions you need a qualified person, with good judgement a strong moral compass and access to relevant information to take a decision. In fact electing that person isn't even a prerequisite.

Take for example the enlightened despots of olden times, people like Frederick of Prussia, Joseph of Austria or Catherine the Great, people that believed in educating their people. Think of people like Napoleon who for all his selfish endeavors is also the architect and supervisor of modern Paris. When was the last time you visited an unqualified doctor, an overweight fitness instructor or a wildlife expert wearing a fur coat? Did I just hear you wouldn't?

Strange ... because you seem quite happy to hand over the keys of the car to an unproven, often lying, low IQ person with a questionable moral record who you don't even know can drive!!

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