What kind of world can we expect post Trump - post Brexit?

What kind of a world are we most likely to end up with post Brexit, Post Trump? In many ways this option is still being played out, if for no other reason than we cannot be certain that Brexit and even Trump will be able to achieve their goals as they see them.

I even dare say that there is the possibility that neither of these events will complete their journeys to the end. Be that as it may, some things have changed world-wide, and among the most significant in my opinion is the breaking of some important traditions by the power players of this planet.

For example, rhetoric. There was a time when the wrong words spoken in the wrong circumstances not only could, put in all probability, would lead to hostilities, possibly even war. The idea that an almost insignificant little man by the name of Kim Jung-Un could call the president of the US a "dotard", and conversely, be threatened by fire and fury one day and be top of Trump's popularity list the next is almost unheard of.

Then there are the lesser players, the ones like the UK Foreign Secretary comparing Putin to Hitler and getting away with it, are indication to me that our 'so-called' enemies of the West are in fact more thinking, and more effective diplomatically than we are. To insult a nation that sacrificed over 20 million of its own citizens in the fight against the Nazis, by comparing him to their leader is, in my opinion, beyond the limit.

Next on the list of changes in a post-Brexit world, must come the spread of 'fake news'. Exactly what constitutes 'fake news' is yet to be defined, but we all know how it works. With the access we all have to the internet and social networks, one can say almost anything and it will be heard far and wide, and get away with it. I have to admit that in my view, included in the 'fake news' is the political commentary, spread equally by the mainstream news agencies, the lies and half-truths that we all know about but always stop short of confronting those responsible for these 'lemons' by calling them liars to their face.

The truth is I believe that in the final analysis, Brexit and even Trump will fail to materialize, or else the damage done to the reputation and even the economies of the US and UK will take decades to overcome.

In the US, I don't care how strong an economy is at any time, the idea you can suddenly add $1.5 trillion to an already overburdened deficit, and still spend money on the infrastructure of the country and its military is, frankly, ludicrous. There will come a day of reckoning. It won't be a sudden or fast decline. It will come about by more social unrest, as the lack of a medical system for the poor as Obamacare takes effect and gets more and more damaged; the growing gun crime that will spread beyond its current boundaries until eventually; states and other dependencies start to contemplate that maybe they would be better off alone.

For example, Puerto Rico, after all the promises of Trump, the army is planning to leave almost a year after the worst hurricane in their history, and they still haven't managed even to turn on the lights.

But the saddest part of this post-Brexit, post-Trump world, as far as I am concerned, will be the return of extreme nationalism and partisan politics that will stop us from combining our abilities and resources to achieve feats that would otherwise be far beyond our reach as individual countries.

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