Warning to T. May and all those supporting Trump

Updated: Apr 15, 2018

What with Syria, the Skripal poisoning, and all the problems at home, not least of which was NHS you can be forgiven for not noticing what is happening across the pond in the good old U.S. of A. Let's not forget #Brexit by the way; holidays are over and tomorrow it begins again with a vengeance.

A few days ago Michael Cohen, one of President Trump's personal lawyers was raided; his home, office and even the hotel where he was living while his house was being redecorated. Now people, you have to understand the real significance of this action. Based on a warning from Mueller, the Russian investigator; Rod Rosentein, Deputy Attorney General signed off on a raid on those aforementioned offices. To get such a warrant, six Trump appointees had to sign up as well. The offices raided, they took everything including personal financial records and telephone. Since then, we now know that Cohen may even be denied client privilege rights, as these are not applicable if the crime was done in collaboration with the client. All his clients would rightfully be terrified also, except for the fact that he had no other clients save for the President. Those who could be equally scared may well be those who spoke to Cohen on Trump's behalf, as (apparently) he kept tapes.

This is all taking place against a backdrop of 'slimeball' Comey's book in which he stated he could not comment on the allegations of Trump's hotel romp with hookers in Russia and the water sport games. Also out at this time is Madeleine Albright's book WARNING. In an interview she was asked who was she warning and her answer was America. She compared what was happening to Germany in the late 1930's and the rise of fascism. A dictator who thought he was above the law and an adoring public all contributed to the rise of Hitler. Let's not forget Hitler's rise to power came from a democratic start. To me this is the kind of terrifying thinking that might explain why 6 Republican, Trump employees might 'apparently' turn on their benefactor.

The raid was conducted without warning and just entered. This is only ever done if the judge can be convinced there is a chance that evidence will be destroyed if a warning is given.

But the title of this blog is a warning to May. Quite possibly these records will reveal information that, not only gets Trump impeached, but quite possibly even arrested. So, Mrs. May and Nigel Farage, what do you think will be headline news if he is impeached? What do you think people will say about those who rushed to ingratiate themselves with Trump unnecessarily?

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