Video made for foreigners explaining the truth of Brexit

Get the popcorn ready, kick off your shoes, settle back - its Brexit truth TV night!

Meanwhile, since you’re here perhaps you might consider signing the petition for the return of the final Brexit vote to the people. At least take a look! Which ever team your playing for, if your real its to your advantage. Only the hard headed, imperialistic xenophobes stand to lose!

Three Choices:

  1. Accept whatever deal is available and Leave the EU

  2. Reject the deal and leave the EU anyway (Hardest Brexit)

  3. Accept the cost is too great and stay in the EU.

If there is no decisive winner (50%+) then you eliminate the lowest scoring option and repeat.

Come on people! Do yourselves a favour. Do your children a favour! Ask yourselves, do you really trust a politician to take what is almost certainly the most important decision of your life for you?

SIGN THE PETITION FOR THE FINAL DECISION TO BE YOURS. Tell your friends. Tell your family. Tell your fellow students. This sale is only on until March 29th, 2019. After that the price goes up (I mean the EU’s price - our vote is FREE!). If they vote again to leave so be it, at least you tried!

Sign petition :

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