US and French relations: That must really irritate the Tories

Macron visits Trump in the USA

What with Brexit, the hard-line Brexiteers and the French muscling in on territory Britain has always considered theirs, (The special relationship), Mrs. May really is having a bad week, month and even year.

Just think. Following the Brexit referendum, May was the first to run across the pond to congratulate Mr. Trump, while when the US is dishing out greetings, it isn't the UK that gets the call first. You know why of course. Two reasons, (a) Mrs May is a woman and we all know of Trump's opinions on women and (b) Donald trump likes and respects strong people, like Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping. Hell, in his own way he even respects little rocket man, the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un. He's not too keen on pet poodles.

Jokes aside, Mrs. May's judgement as a politician must rank among the worst in British political history. Even her 'fine' reputation as a home secretary is now being tarnished, with the Windrush debacle haunting her stance on immigration. Her handling of the Grenfell tragedy (still no compensation or even closure), her decision for a election in the belief it would strengthen her position, and even her decision to hurriedly send the bombers into Syria, just so that France wouldn't hog the all the glory. Now of course she has to answer to the electorate and parliament. Trump likes strength and May has shown as much backbone as a jelly left in the sun.

Her poor judgement had been showcased time after time, and even now, the only logical reason one can see for her insane support of the hard-line Brexiteers is that somewhere in the back of that tiny mind of hers, she must believe that this is what the electorate wants.

Whereas, in one fell swoop, Macron has given hope to those hoping to control Trump with Iran, those that believe that punishing Iran at this time will only strengthen the North Korean bargaining position, and even strengthening the EU position vis a vis Trump's sanctions. While all May can do is contemplate the Trump visit to the UK, and hope she doesn't have to call out the riot police. It's just as well she has a Royal wedding to help her along before then.

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