UK-USA ... (read if you dare)This is undoubtedly one of the most shameful periods of our history

Updated: Aug 12, 2018

.... And the parties they lead!

In the chaos and fury that Brexit has created; in the world upset at the election of Donald Trump to the presidency of the USA; the news papers, the words and actions of the politicians and business titans; our unquestioning (on the surface at least) allegiance to one party or the other, whatever our reasons, our willingness to lay anything, say any words however vile, at the alter of expediency; our willingness to take the most sacred of topics for millions of people and use them as weapons against our 'enemies'; is an indication, to me at least, that there is no real difference between us and them, the good guys and the bad guys, Western civilization and autocratic domination.

Be it Turkey, Russia, Zimbabwe, Pakistan, China, Venezuela; UK or the USA, there is no real difference. Just a matter of degree. In America, a man that has justified his election as being the people's choice (even though he got fewer votes than his opponent) is hell-bent on breaking all the rules. He uses the wealth of the nation as his personal piggy bank to buy off his supporters and the rich. His lies can now be measured only as an average of lies per day, having reached more than 4000 prooveable falsehoods. He surrounds himself by crooks and criminals, including four of his former advisors, and an English lawyer.

His own family are now fearful of being charged criminally, he has regularly done business with the nation's arch-enemy, has secret meetings with their leader and his own hotels and country clubs regularly benefit whenever foreign national and dignitaries visit the USA. He molests women, has affairs with professional ladies even while his wife is at home pregnant, treats women as pieces of meat and what do we do ...

We respect his office and pamper him. We run to him for his benevolence and willingness to do deals with us and all the while his actions are moving the world backwards, humanity downwards and logic is now banned from discussion.

For reasons that are beyond me, business throughout the world is doing great. Brexit has not, so far at least, been anywhere as damaging as was first thought. In America, their debt has exceeded $21tn. with the 2017 deficit exceeding $666 bn (666 really?) or 3.4% of GDP give or take. Yet their borrowing rating remains as one of the highest in the world. This would be considered a failure in many countries these days.

Trump's latest tweets blame the wildfires of California, now the worst in their history, as being due to the fact they didn't cut down the trees.

We have proven that in the name of money, in the name of success for our political views, we are willing to do and say anything, to sell anybody including our own grandmothers. As long as we apologize when we are caught, that's OK.

Of two things I am now certain beyond any shadow of doubt. The first is that money, those that have and control it, are by far the greatest proportion of criminal wrongdoers (which sadly means Conservatives the world over). Not because they are different people, or because they are bad people, but because amassasing riches, beyond a certain point, is like a disease. Like alcoholism, drugs and gambling, it corrupts, and people just don't know when or how to stop. Just owning a coat is not enough. It needs to be made of ostrich or lizard skin and cost in excess of $60.000; and the person who made and sold it to you wears that fact as a badge of honour (House of Bijan - the most expensive store in the world).

The second fact of which I am now certain, is that 'democracy' our Western sacred cow, our cornerstone to all we see and do, our 'religion' that surpasses Islam and even Christianity; is problematic. I no longer believe in it, at least not the way we have chosen to implement it. I no longer believe in completely free speech, and I no longer believe that our legal system is the supreme code of conduct. Political lies should have consequences. Stirring up trouble and violence should have consequences, and things like, 'procedure wasn't followed', should never be acceptable as an excuse for freeing a criminal. The accused may have rights, but never at the expense of the victims. Another anarchist I hear you say. NO - NO - NO!

These concepts are indeed important. These rights are indeed fundamental, but they carry with them a great responsibility, a burden. Like most things in life they need to be discussed, taught, and only the qualified should participate. Not qualifications based on test or IQ, but on having sat through and listened to classes. The only requisite for qualifying is mandatory attendance to classes, at a young age when it makes a difference.

I would make voting compulsory. Democracy is the most important thing in our lives, and I don't want a decision to be made solely because a bunch of students managed to wake up from a previous night of drinking, or a bunch of people who are now livid at the council, expressing their discontent at the potholes in the cycle route. Democracy isn't a chore, it is a privilege and with it comes responsibility; abuse it and lose it!

Every ballot should have a 'this is a nonsense vote', or 'who cares' and these too should be counted. If the choices given to the electorate, they should have the right to express this. Those not voting should have the right to the next vote, suspended until they attend and/or repeat a repeat of course e.g. 101 - democracy and obligation. Money spent by potential candidates should be limited and open to scrutiny - and a much, much fairer system of taxation, biased against the collection of wealth by the few. 'Extreme' money has no conscience and looks only to protect and replicate itself . Just like cancer cells!

This inequality is what ultimately will destroy us as a species. I truly believe that.

FINAL BREXIT VOTE by the PEOPLE for THE PEOPLE: It's the only way to get a result. Sign the petition

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