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I spent the morning studiously monitoring the internet and the news from Brussels. Once again, both Barnier and Davis came away jubilant that they were one stop further down the line on the road to EU divorce. But let's look at this properly shall we.

In December it was reported that May was successful in negotiating the first phase on the road to Brexit. What was involved? Basically, an agreed divorce bill (let's not forget that the original hard-liners wanted this number to be 0), an Irish border back-stop, talks for a transition period. This led to a torrent of Brexit verbosity about a 'vassal state' delivered through their collective rear ends.

Today this was confirmed. Once again Barnier (EU) recognized nothing was agreed till everything was agreed, but understand this. This does not mean that if you don't like the deal today, you just bob along and change it in your favour tomorrow. It simply means that if at the end of the day these points are your red lines (really your red lines) than there will be no deal. To this end, Barnier has secured one concession that is definitely in the favour of one of its members, Ireland. When all is said and done, if there is no agreement Northern Ireland will stay in the customs union. This, anybody can tell you, is one step further along the path to reunification of Ireland. What's more, it seems to have empowered Spain also. Barnier, by saying that on behalf of the member states the EU supports Spain on whatever they agree with the British government over the subject of Gibraltar.

Then there is the rest of the transition agreement. Sure, feel free to talk all you want to about your future trade deals. As Barnier pointed out the EU already has 750 of them. So UK will have to go around negotiating deals just to stay in the same place. The question then arises in the future will the deals be better, worse or simply the same. Anybody with half a brain will see that nobody will willingly commit fully to a deal without knowing what the final arrangement with UK and EU will be. In the mean time UK will be fully committed to following the rule-book without the right to discuss or even object to the rules.

So what exactly has happened today? UK is one more step closer to an independent state, independence on a neighbour it depends on for trade (You doubt that, just look at the UK economic statistics before it joined the EEC and since). UK can make any deals and changes it wants to providing, they agree with EU principles. If they break these principles they risk losing the trade deal. In other words, "I am the master of this house, and I have my wife's permission to say so". Once again the EU have proved to be masters of negotiation.

So now the hard-line Brexiteers have a choice. May has proven to be a master of deception, promising anything and everything to everyone. Brexiteers can now choose, support her in this new deal she is trying to cook up, or pull the rug up from under her. In the latter case, a new general election is most probable, and what's more the Tories will go into it with a compromise candidate. Jeremy Corbyn will then be left in the position of trying to pick up the broken pieces and stick them together again. If I said it once, I said it a thousand times. These Brexit negotiations have become a cup of poison. Any leader that drinks from it is finished. Their only chance is to pass it back to the electorate.

Be careful, very careful Mr. Jacob Rees-Mogg. As George Bernard Shaw once said,

"There are two tragedies in life. One is to lose your heart's desire. The other is to gain it."


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As things stand now, the only way to resolve this is to put the question back to the people. Give them 3 choices. Again, it is NOT a referendum, which by definition is binary.

  1. Accept the negotiated deal and leave in an orderly fashion

  2. Refuse the deal and just leave, taking all the consequences

  3. Refuse both options as being too costly and REVOKE article 50.

The man in the photo is Lord Kerr. He wrote the Article 50, never once thinking it was his own team that would invoke it.

Lord Kerr, a former UK ambassador to the E.U, said Brexiters in May’s cabinet were suggesting Brexit was irreversible and thereby misleading the public.

The former diplomat says the UK could opt to reverse Brexit up to the moment we leave, even if a date for the country’s departure from European Union were added to the withdrawal bill, as Theresa May plans.

SIGN THE PETITION DEMANDING THE FINAL VOTE BE RETURNED TO THE PEOPLE. If there is no decisive winner (50%+) on the first round, eliminate the lowest score and progress to a second round of voting and repeat.

This is the only way to truly know what the people want and to unite the country again. Everybody, knowing the consequences, takes an informed decision. These are the options, this is the price! - DECIDE -.

Ask yourselves, do you really trust a politician, many of whom take donations from the Russians , to take what is almost certainly the most important decision of your and YOUR CHILDRENS' lives for you?

Tell your friends. Tell your family. Tell your fellow students. This sale is only on until March 29th, 2019. (Actually, if a transition period is negotiated it could be longer but I wouldn't risk it). Before Mar 29th 2019, even the EU can't stop a reversal. After that who knows) Vote the way you think and then its in the lap of the gods!

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