Tory propaganda: Jeremy bashing is back in fashion but that's to his advantage!

Once again the Tory machine cranks up and goes to work. To me, one of the saddest points about world-wide politics today is the lack of statesmen. People that care more about their nation and society in general, than their own party standing in the polls. When a person has no record of public service (I mean official in power) all one can do is judge by what they say and their willingness to stand by what they said. In this Jeremy stands as tall as an oak.

It seems that all the Tories can do is divert attention away from their disastrous record on just about everything. From the Tory reversal on austerity, their reluctance to explain where the money is coming from, to their explanation of Brexit; its all propaganda.

As far as the Skripal case goes, once again Jeremy has been proven right. His reluctance to condemn Russia without evidence is proving that first reactions were nothing more than propaganda. Guess what, now Porton Down appears to be making an about face of their own. "Yes we can confirm the nerve agent was Novochok but we can't confirm it was made in Russia. Its not our job"

Now we have Jeremy the anti-Semite. His attendance on the weekend to a non-mainstream Jewish party is now considered anti-Semitic. If ever there was a time when telling your accusers to just "F-off" was justified, this it it.

But fear not Jeremy, if history is anything to go by, the more ridiculous the insults are that they throw at you, the stronger will be your position! Good luck in the local election in May; but beware .... Cambridge Analytica types and Brexit handling. The safest way to handle nitroglycerin is to let someone else do it. Like the people themselves.




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