Tory International Dream Team strikes again- The Skripal case revisite

[This blog was first posted last week as a response to a Quora question ... before the Porton Down facility denied blaming Russia. Apparently it was the security services that started the rumours, not unlike the WMD in the Iraq war.]

On Sept. 1st 1983, I was studying for my MBA at the University of San Francisco. In the early evening I walked into the TV room to watch the news as was my habit and was confronted literally by a room full of students angrily insulting the TV set. The screen was showing scenes all over America of people outside Russian institutions like their embassy burning the Russian flag. Apparently, Russia with no provocation had shot down a commercial Boeing 747 out of the sky in International airspace, and killed over 260 innocent victims. I walked back to my room saying under my breath, this isn’t news it’s propaganda, I didn’t dare say it too loudly, as the pack was baying for blood. But WW III did not start.

Over the next 2 weeks we learned a lot of things. We learned it was night and no way the pilot of the Soviet plane that shot down the airline could identify at that distance that it was a commercial airline, since even its cabin lights would probably be dimmed.

We learned that the airliner was nearing sensitive soviet military ground installations. We learned that on that evening the Soviets had issued a number of warnings on international frequencies to which Korean 007 did not respond. We learned that the flight from Korea to Canada regularly strayed close to the Russian border implying someone on board was influencing the crew in order to get as much information as they could about the installation. We learned that the Boeing 747 had alarms that warned the crew if the plane veered off course by more than a couple of miles. In this case it was over 200 miles inside Soviet airspace. We learned that the Boeing had 2 independent navigation systems and it was a virtual impossibility for both systems to malfunction at the same time.


If you look at a grown bull you will see that in many cases it has a metal ring passed through its nostril. It weighs over a tonne and with this ring a child can lead it around and even tie it up. Now look at two modern day cases. In Salisbury recently, a ex-Russian spy was poisoned by an unknown agent that has now been identified as a nerve agent that is claimed to be of the Novichok variety developed in Russia and now claimed by them to have been destroyed 20 years ago. (Suspicious? maybe … but let’s not forget the USA and even UK also have them)

We know that when Putin was accused directly by Boris Johnson without proof which he ignored at first. We know that requests for a sample by the Russians to do their own test was refused by the British. What possible advantage can their be in that, even if the law is on your side?

Contrary to popular belief, this initial lack of response does not constitute proof of guilt in any court except of the kangaroo variety. The natural humanistic approach and an alternative response on being accused could have been “F_*k off, Boris”, but apparently this is a no-no in diplomatic circles. But far more telling is to analyze what could be the motive.

We know that at this time Russia is at the very doorstep of a diplomatic triumph in the form of (what would have been) a great World Cup which Putin is hosting. We know he was on the edge of an election he had sown up tighter than a Swiss bank. We know that the use of this agent was like a calling card, pointing the finger at himself. We know Putin is an intelligent man (without scruples certainly, I’ll grant you that), that can support his neighbourhood dictator in his own national interests and tie up the west in diplomatic red tape when they want to intervene; and even on occasion make it look as if its their fault.

What possible motive could Putin have to risk all his hard work for one moment of sheer stupidity against an old man (traitor) he had already captured, interrogated and released in a trade? IT MAKES NO SENSE.

Now let’s take a look at another case, the downing of an Israeli F16 in Syria. Apparently its presence there in the first place was in retaliation to an Iranian drone deployed against Israel, developed by Iran from one they had shot down in 2011. By reverse engineering the American version, they too had this modern piece of technology. At least that’s what we are told. Again look at the motives.

The Iranians, having scored a couple of recent diplomatic triumphs, by playing it cool when Trump effectively decided to tear up the nuclear treaty. The EU was not willing to support America as their own inspectors were telling them Iran is behaving.

We are now expected to believe that Iran, having, presumably, developed clandestinely its own drone, decided to waste this advantage, risk the EU turning against them and siding with Israel for what? I am not a fan of Putin or Iran or Hezbollah. But I am also not keen being led by the nose, blindly, onto the front line of a war somebody wants to start. It is claimed that democracy and freedom of thought and speech are the cornerstones of our society.

So use your right to independent thought to make your own evaluations, There are too many unknowns. WAIT FOR THE INDEPENDENT WATCHDOGS TO DO THEIR JOB BEFORE YOU JUDGE.

Is that too much to ask or is that just being a Bolshevik?


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