Too stupid to know ...

The Brexiteers and the fact that I am now known as a remainer, probably makes the Brexiteers feel that I am insulting them by calling them "stupid". I am not, because the title of this article could apply just as easily to myself and the Remainers as to the Brexiteers. It could apply to those that support Trump or to those who oppose him. The title applies to anyone or any situation that is yet unresolved and where both parties resolutely believe that they are the ones that are right and are no longer willing even to listen to the opposition. It could even apply to Vladimir Putin and the West, Iran or even North Korea and China that feel that they are targeted by the West simply on ideological grounds.

Nobody really knows. Take the current state of Brexit. It took the Eurosceptics over 40 years to get a second referendum to withdraw from the EU. The hardliners want a clean break, but with every day that passes it becomes more obvious (to me at least) that they will not get their way. You would think that they would then opt for the next best alternative, get out of the EU any which way, and slowly work towards breaking the ties in the future.

But .. oH no! That's not good enough for them. They want a clean break now, making it more and more likely that the UK will eventually have to decide between a NO DEAL BREXIT and a remain in the EU. I'm guessing here, but I would say that in the event we decide to remain, the chances of ever getting another referendum on Brexit are close to zero. It makes absolutely no sense at all, unless they are right. It makes no sense unless a new vote on the final deal shows that the population. really do prefer NO DEAL. This in turn would bring into question, do people really think that Scotland seceding and Ireland being reunified, i.e. a break up of the UK is an impossibility? Do people even care anymore?

Corbyn is so hell-bent on renationalising parts of the economy, that he hates the EU almost as much as Nigel Farage. He is now in the process of fighting his own party over a second referendum. And all this at a time when the newspapers and media at large are fully complicit and supportive of the myth, that the economy is doing just fine, based on a single statistic, unemployment.

The fact that more and more people can no longer support themselves on one salary is buried. The fact that things like child poverty is growing, the NHS is falling apart, the police are losing control of law and order, the prison system is falling apart, schools are begging parents for supplies, people are being force to choose .. food or rent, local councils are close to bankruptcy and even the military are under serious financial threat; is underplayed ... because the national debt is coming down.

Tomorrow, any new government trying to address these problems will, more than likely have to borrow, and you may rest assured that in future years the Tories will use this as an excuse to attack Labour for over-spending. Are our memories really that short? Are we so stupid that we are doomed to repeat our mistakes through to eternity?

Within hours, the result of the Manafort trial will be returned, and there is a possibility that despite all the hundreds of pieces of evidence against Manafort, he may even be found NOT GUILTY. So this is justice in action? Is this judgement by your peers and a biased president (who still calls him a good man)? Is this democracy in action ... and if it is then surely we need to refine it ... surely there must be a better way to live?

Then again, maybe we just need faith that eventually the system can and will correct itself!

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