Told you so! or ... How to break the Brexit curse

Hello people!

Its been a long time. With all this Brexit rubbish that as been going on, I figured any commentary would only make things worse. Be that as it may,here is

my new contribution.

Almost 3 years ago now,I wrote an article comparing myself to Cassandra, an ancient seer with the gift of prophecy but the curse of the gods. This curse meant that Cassandra was doomed such that she would never be believed by her fellow man. And so it came to pass.

Yes its happened, It happened. Brexit has claimed one more victim, the fourth Tory Prime Minister and my first prediction. My prediction was for two people the head of the Conservatives and the head of the Labour party. I compared Brexit to a poison chalice,and I stand by my original prediction that if Brexit goes ahead, the United Kingdom will start to unravel with either Scotland or Northern Ireland leaving the Great British Empire,most likely both.

I predicted that anyone trying to solve Brexit was doomed. May will be gone by June, and Corbyn who steadfastly wants to to try solve the Brexit conundrum now risks even losing the next election, as his popularity decreases even in the presence of the most unpopular government ever.

My original prediction and suggestions for Brexit stand, and I renew my declaration below. I can now be more specific. The following need to take place if the Brexit curse is ever to be broken without major casualties; including that of the United Kingdom and considerable damage being inflicted on the European Union.

We need a second People's Vote or referendum. It will be a single question, with multiple answers. (Please don't say a referendum must be binary. It doesn't need to be, look up the definition.) This referendum could have up to 2 rounds,although it is possible a result may emerge from the first round.

In the first round, all possible solutions are listed, ranging from simply walking away from the EU under WTO regulations and no other agreement, to revoking article 50 and staying in the EU. All other current solutions can be included such as a variation of the Canada model, the Swiss model, the Norwegian model and even a variation of May's proposed model.

In the event that one solution receives 50% of the vote, it will win from the first round, but in the event this fails to happen,then the top 2 scoring solutions run off against each other. This is the only really democratic way to run the second vote.

My prediction for the result is WTO no deal, and revoke article 50 will be the two going through to the second round and at least 60% for revoke on the final ballot. Same as it was for my second Twitter poll with almost 30.000 respondents almost two years ago now. Look it up on my page!


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