The truth hurts - Brexit, the UK and Britain today

The art of negotiating has a few simple rules, rules that the UK either does not know or has chosen to ignore at its own peril. Any good negotiator will tell you that the art of a successful negotiation is understanding where your opponents are coming from and where they are trying to get to. Knowing what you want and require is of course important but it is less than a beginning. The UK seems to believe that if everyone in Britain can agree what the hard-line Brexiteers want then they will get the EU to capitulate.

They do not understand even the basics. The EU is indeed trying to help the UK, bending even its own rules; but there is a limit. It cannot give more than what it already gives to its own members because that would be to destroy itself. It cannot abandon one of its own members in favour of one that wants to leave.

Even the big businesses understand that, so while they encourage their respective governments to come up with a solution, they would never abandon their teams. This was tested in the elections of 2016 where country after country voted for the status quo and not the populists that the UK hoped and predicted.

Boris, is a new and very dangerous piece in this game. He is the UK Trump in mentality, but unlike the USA, he does not command a single strong country that can withstand hardship. He is only interested in himself, and gives little if Scotland eventually break off or Northern Ireland reunites. He doesn't care if he insults China or Putin or gives cause to lengthen the incarceration of a British citizen rotting in a foreign jail. He doesn't care if the British economy goes down the toilet, clinging on to the hope that the USA will save him. But as populists go, he is still untested among the population at large. 130.000 Tories that voted for him is not Britain.

Let's see what happens when he loses control of the NHS or agriculture negotiations with the USA, and even more so when the EU then refuses to trade on even WHO terms because of fears of polluting their local production with American methods.

Populism it is claimed is the people standing up for themselves. Those who believe that should read William Golding "Lord of the Flies", about a group of boys with no adult supervision on a desert island and what eventually happens. This is the price of uncontrolled "democracy" which I call anarchy.

I don't know if eventually, the remainers MAY win. I don't know if a negotiated settlement will be found, but I do know human nature. All the forecasts will come to fruition and worse. You see, when people start hurting they will react, and not in a good way. The British will indeed be pissed off with their government, but as has already been foretold, it will also hurt the EU and the British will not be popular. The British and their lorries will become targets, and even the UK football teams will be unpopular.

If the troubles in Ireland flare up, do you really think they will be able to control them, given the problems they could well be facing on the mainland? Who is going to stop Scotland if they are hell-bent on another referendum? What will happen in Wales when they realize that the problems of being one of the poorest areas of the EU are exasperated when England just doesn't have the money to bail them out of their hardships?

To the Brexiteers I say this. The EU already has more than 70 trade deals throughout the world, and more recently with countries like Canada and Japan and even the USA. To throw all this away on the promise you can negotiate a better deal than the EU is not simply ludicrous it is suicide. This is especially the case, when you consider the problem from their point of view. Which country negotiating a trade deal with the new independent UK will give them a better deal than they gave the EU, risking the deal they have with the EU? They would have to be stupid!

As for the USA, does the UK really want to become the 51st state of the USA?


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