The Tory propaganda machine at work: Populist movement, Brexit and the EU

Part II - Populism and democracy

In Quora, I answered a question by one person that was biased towards trickle-down economics and anti-liberal. I pointed out that the term trickle down is in fact a lie, and is nothing more than Tory propaganda to justify their lowering the corporate tax rate. Their investment strategy failed.

I pointed out the simple truth about economics, basically that as long as someone believes he can make a business that he can make some profit at, he would be willing to borrow money to invest, as long as the profit margin exceeded the interest he would have to pay. Conversely, the lack of investment by business implies that the entrepreneurs can find more profitable uses for their money,than investing it in their own factories. Thus lack of investment in Britain is an indication of lack of faith in the production business.

In an earlier article I wrote that trade sanctions and subsidies were actually against the benefits of society as a whole even if it protected some smaller group within its ranks. Numerically, it can be proven that the total profits in a free trade society is superior to protectionism.

These are all the beliefs of the right-wing, Tories and/or Republicans. However, my personal beliefs lie on the left, towards a more socialist society. My point is not the total profit in the society. After all we are talking who wants a bigger cake or a smaller cake. National interest aside e.g. in case of war, a strong agriculture is essential, as indeed a steel industry, even if you have to subsidize it to survive.

My problem lies with the distribution of the profits of this enlarged cake. With globalism, it did not 'trickle-down' to lower levels. It was hoarded by a few of the wealthier traders at the top. The poor sods that lost their jobs were just left behind. As unemployed they claimed benefits, which further aggravated the 'haves' of this world and resentment grew into a wave that became known as populism. Defined by the dictionary, it is the majority in a society resenting the 'elitist' rulers, law makers and businessmen that cast this section of society aside. So far, we can call it democracy, except I liken it to a bus going downhill, with everybody on board fighting to take control of the driving, with none of them having a clue how to drive.

Before I continue I want to make one more distinction. I saw a question on Quora asking if populism would be the death of the EU. This again is a misunderstanding, because populism isn't necessarily right-wing as it is in Europe, it can also be left-wing. Case in point, in England, the recent growth of left wing Corbynism and the labour party could be defined as left-wing populism as compared to its right wing continental (and US) counter-part. I am not in the least surprised at their anger, but what is irrational is to believe that the same people that did this to them will suddenly change and make their lives better. It wasn't the socialists or liberals that almost destroyed the world economy in 2008, it was the bankers, an elite sub-group of the Conservatives, that like the NRA in America have so far managed to avoid regulation.

That said, I mentioned that populism tends to be reactionary politics, building on emotion and often pushing for changes that in fact would be contrary to their own interests. Such is Brexit. They say that the victors of any war write the history books, but I would go one step further. I would say they also write the news and shape the information such that they distract attention from what they were doing. It is easy for the Tories to start rumours and blame the EU, and immigrant policy for their shortcomings. Failure to invest in housing and the NHS for years has resulted in the system coming close to collapse.

Yet simple logic tells us this cannot be so. There are as many immigrants from outside the EU (now many more) that they could in theory stop tomorrow, yet they don't. Those coming from the EU have work, pay taxes and make national insurance contributions. A wise investor would have invested this instead of diverting these funds and blaming EU policy.

The populists (as indeed all populists) are being herded by those that have their own hidden agendas. Britain may get back their so-called sovereignty but what good is it if those in charge simply ignore the greater good for their own purposes? Consider, in 2017 Teresa May held an election in theory to strengthen her bargaining position. The result was deeply disappointing for the Tories, but as the largest party she managed to scrape up a coalition of the unholy to remain in power. The result is everything the voters wanted in the election goes out the window. Their objection to austerity ignored, but finding a billion pounds to buy the support of the DUP, "no problem". As opposition mounts up, her conservative policies are going down the drain, but still some proponents of Brexit from the poorer classes are adamant they don't want the EU and are even digging in their heels.

To those I would simply say this. You are being lied to, and are swallowing those lies hook, line and sinker. Everybody will be poorer with Brexit, but you the poorest will be the worst off. Because if today a PM using 'we have no money' as an excuse to starve essential institutions such as the NHS, social care, military, police, schools and others; what do you think will happen when they have even less money in the governmental coffers? Today agriculture and fishermen are put on a diet, but tomorrow, you will be starved. To the fishermen, either you will lose your market, or you will have to share your fishing grounds.

Wake up people time is running out and you are all looking the wrong way!


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