The Thai Cave and Brexit

If one thinks about it, the dilemma of the students trapped in a cave in Thailand, the situation is very similar and can be compared to Brexit.

To explain, about ten days ago, a group of a dozen children, together with their teacher, visited a cave in Thailand. As it rained they retreated to higher and higher ground in their bid to escape the rising waters. Eventually they found themselves on a ledge above the water level, but trapped around 4 kilometers from the entrance. Now, Thai navy and British divers have gotten involved and have reached them. The children have been given a few blankets, food and water. Meanwhile the navy are trying to find a way to get them safely out of the cave given that the entrance is underwater; and it is risky getting them out with scuba gear (as proven by the death of one navy diver so far). That said, the rains are returning and expected to flood even the level on which they are now.

Now consider the UK and Brexit. The UK was in the EU and decided that participation with the EU regulations was dragging it down. So they headed for what they perceived was the Entrance, a higher level, a brighter future outside control. The EUROskeptics spun their stories of how the EU was holding them back, avoiding difficult questions like how could Germany, also inside the EU do so well negotiating with China, when the UK needed to be outside the EU. All it really proved was that the UK was lousy at negotiation, something reinforced from the results of the Brexit negotiations so far.

Be that as it may, they headed for the perceived entrance (or exit), higher ground, except they discovered that this perceived higher ground was actually a fallacy, a false entrance, and due to be flooded. Now in Thailand, the monsoon rains are due to start, with forecasts that even where they are now is due to be flooded out.

In Brexit politicians continue to deceive themselves and the public, as with the trapped children, for Brexit, time is running out. One further detail of this comparison is worth notice. If you look at the picture, you will note that even the real entrance is slightly lower than the level of the EU, even if they could get to it. That would probably the situation if the UK had never joined the EU in the first place.

Stay tuned for the real Brexit news!

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