The Salisbury affair: Pounds and Patsies ... Is it all a game of money?

"And East is East, and West is West and never the Twain shall meet"

This article may well get me into trouble from all sides, and so I will choose my words carefully, but they will not be wishy-washy I promise; because I also feel strongly about this affair. It is an explanation of my attitude to the Salisbury attempted murder and the hypocrisy of the players, primarily the government, but also in a smaller way, all of the British allies. Although I can understand how they can be strong-armed into supporting Britain's case even though they may have different viewpoints.

First let's take the affair. In all probability, Russia did indeed use a chemical nerve agent they themselves developed, in order to take out one of their own traitors, now living in the UK. But which part of 'Russia', was it the government, the GRU, possibly some criminal party? The questions about why they would want to do this in such an obvious way and leaving behind an over-sized calling card remains a mystery and may never be resolved. A despicable act certainly , but does the reaction of the UK solve anything? Does it make Russia any less likely to repeat the process in the future? Does it make the average citizen safer on the street?

Insiders, people living in Russia, journalists; all confirm the same thing. It cannot be stated categorically that Putin was behind this act, only that it was Russian. Stirring up the emotions of the public is always, without exception, a dangerous game; because in the final analysis, if you stampede buffalo, you can never know which way they may turn.

Jo Coburn's question pressuring a guest to answer, was Jeremy Corbyn's condemnation of the affair forceful enough? is nothing more than childish and meaningless rhetoric designed to stir up the viewer's emotions. and at worst shows her to be a biased anti-corbynite, because she has played this cheap trick more than once.

What kind of question is that? I am shouting louder so I must be more anti-Russian than you are, so therefore I am a better patriot! Is this any different Jo Coburn pressuring Corbyn on his early life 'supposed support' for the IRA ? Does being a pacifist automatically condemn you to being a traitor? Being anti-nuclear, does that mean when absolutely pressured you would not use the nuclear option? or Does the Trump way of threats like, "My Button is bigger than yours" make the world a safer place?

But let's get back to the subject. If the objective is to weaken Putin in Sunday's election, almost everyone agrees this has strengthened him. If the objective is to ensure that such acts never happen again, it might help if you knew for certain who the criminal was and their objective. And you can't do that if you have stirred up your entire nation, pissed off the opponent's nation and effectively cut off meaningful dialogue.

Now to the punishments. First, not sending officials to this year's world cup, As was pointed out on Daily Politics by a Welshman , the biggest disadvantage will be for the English fans and players who will have lost their security blanket. Then there are the sanctions, most of which will be meaningless because Russia is already under sanction due to their Crimean annexation. To stop the flow of Russian oil is to condemn your own people, and hardly like to be agreed to by the EU.

Then there is the Russian money, billions in investment and criminal money happily being laundered in London. Before we blame the EU for (perhaps) not supporting Britain on further meaningful sanctions let's not forget why Britain ended up as being the laundry of choice. Put simply, the British government has proven time and again to have the questionable moral scruples. From laundering stolen billions in the 1980's of Nigeria, to giving safe haven to the criminal; to laundering drug and terrorist money in the ex- British Caribbean tax havens; and quite happily selling arms to Saudi Arabia even though they know they are being used illegally in the Yemen. The story is the same, anything for a buck!

But, trying to 'steal' the Russian illegal money in the UK, would have in my opinion, suicidal consequences for peace and prosperity in Britain. The Russian mafia are not renowned for their milk of human kindness. At best, don't be surprised in the owners decide to move a very large chunk of this to other countries. So what did May get out of her reaction? A few extra votes perhaps and a few extra days in the Brexit talks.

If ever there was a time and need for care and diplomacy, this was it, I don't mean judgement by media and invitations through Twitter.

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