The pure hypocrisy of the Tories and Brexiteers

Today, as far as I am concerned the BBC program 'Daily Politics' exposed the Tory party and its thinking for what it is. A hypocritical sham, and frankly a travesty to humane thinkers. It shows that their only interests were, are and in all probability, will remain themselves and the £.

It started with James Cleverly, the Conservative vice-chairman being unable to bring himself to voice what can only be described as common decency request. A Brit of West Indian origin, of Windrush descent has been wrongly arrested, detained (more than once) and booked on a flight to be 'repatriated' to a part of the world he hardly knows. Each time he has to pay from his own pocket to cancel the flight. James Cleverly, while fully accepting it was a governmental mistake to consider the man an illegal, could not guarantee that the government would reimburse him.

Next came the Syrian chemical question and the recent bombing. As usual May was first in line trying to suck up to the Americans. Without so much as a 'by your leave', and in the name of the National Security, decided to by-pass the convention of consulting with parliament and just went ahead and bombed whoever it was the Americans told her. A Syrian MP pointed out the obvious, that the OPCW only months ago did not find chemical weapons and anyway once again, logic tells us that Bashar al-assad had nothing to gain by using chemical weapons at this time, even if he had them. He is on the threshold of victory. Imagine in a court of UK law, if a man questioned by the prosecutor who else could have committed this crime? is found guilty solely because he couldn't answer this question.

Finally we come to our perennial favorite, Brexit. Today a woman who couldn't even be bothered to button up her top properly for national television, wanted to give us lessons on democracy. As usual she could not answer the question, "why are you so afraid of a rerun?" but was quite happy to continue parroting about 17 million voters. But just for the record, below I composed a table of how many claim the Brexit vote came about.

Let's leave out the possible illegal spending of the Leave.EU. Let's ignore the dirty tactics of Cambridge Analytica. Let's forget the pure lies of the giant posters showing millions of Turks marching into Britain and £350 million being returned to the NHS. Let's leave aside the fact that Scotland and Ireland and Gibraltar all foresaw enough problems to make them vote Remain. Let's ignore the fact Scotland only voted remain in the UK (by a narrow margin) because they were promised the EU. Here's the table.

Who in their right minds can claim that the group on the left all knew exactly what they were voting for back in 2016? Who can claim with a straight-face that this group all wanted the same thing, a hard Brexit? I.e. we want out whatever the cost. The fishermen perhaps?

The term 'democracy' and more recently 'populism' are becoming so corrupted we will soon need new words to describe the generally silent majority who are for the people, by the people. Today a Brexit democrat can mean anything, like a group that demands back sovereignty from the EU and wants to give it to the government. Not even parliament, and insults and swears at the judiciary who disagree with them. Today, a Brexit democrat thinks that a vote in which many people felt cheated is reason enough not to give the electorate another chance to vote when they know exactly what they are being offered. They are the British equivalent of a Trump supporter, the ones who will happily risk the break-up of the UK and even actively promote the break-up of the EU.

The saddest part of all is this is the type of democracy we are trying to sell to the rest of the world and they should want it, even if we have to bomb it into them.

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