The Nasty Party (Tories): Ensuring opportunists of the future never face a criminal trial

Eliminating crime is easy, just make everything a misdemeanour

With a few select exceptions such as the culture minister, The Tories have proven once again that they have only one belief in this world; the £ .

In the Grenfell report, Dame Judith Hackett has come to the conclusion that she will not ban flammable materials from high-rise buildings, because she wants the regulators to step up to the plate and do the right thing.

That has got to be the most absurd, not to mention down-right stupid arguments I have ever heard for not banning a dangerous product. It is equivalent to forcing manufacturers to print a government health warning on bullets, or drugs hoping that the public at large will do the right thing and respect the government health warning. While this may seem like an innocuous little detail, what it really means is that the next time a Grenfell happens, and it will, nobody will face criminal prosecution, just a fine or two; to which of course they can always declare bankruptcy!

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