Its official UK has bipolar syndrome: The meaning of the EU election results

Its official! Britain has now been diagnosed as having Bipolar syndrome,and as with the medical disorder, it is not curable,

There was a time when I would rant and swear at the Brexiteers when I saw them on the TV. In my calmer moments I would think of ways; simple logical ways to convince them of the dangers of such actions. The danger of breaking up United Kingdom into its component parts. The danger of making even more unstable; what can only be described as the world's greatest attempt at teamwork and cooperation, the European Union.

Perhaps there is a way, a soft way to break the bonds tying the UK to the EU, but truth be told I am now convinced there is none. Think about it. If the EU represents a club that provides us with more than we are asked to pay, then by definition, being members must always be better than any status where we are outside looking in. Alternatively, it would mean that the EU grants the UK rights and privileges they do not even grant to their own members. While this may at first appear to be a good thing to strive for, it is not difficult to see that this is not a sustainable status quo. Eventually the EU would just break apart,and that is not to the UK advantage either.

Sadly perhaps, years of blaming the EU for all the political mistakes and problems has created a feeling of enmity that cannot at this time be overcome. Think about the immigration problem for example. The Tories have managed to divert the problems of low wages and poor social facilities on the EU. The fact that EU migrants have reduced in numbers by more than 50% in the last two years, ignored. The fact that the NHS alone has over 100.000 vacancies at this time, ignored. The fact that we are allowing in more migrants than ever from outside the EU, numbers which in theory are within our control, ignored. The lies that have been perpetuated have taken root, and as with Japanese knotweed, they are now almost impossible to dislodge.

Take the SNP. the Scottish equivalent of the Brexiteers. In 2014 a referendum forced them to quieten down. There was one argument that they could not and would never be able to win, Scotland wants and needs the EU, and in the event the they left the United Kingdom they would first lose their EU status. Do you really need to be a genius to figure out that if you drag them out of the EU by force, the UK loses its one trump card it has to keep them in?

In the 1970s and 1980s the Irish problem reached its crescendo. The EU status of Ireland and the UK allowed a unique solution to be found. They could just pretend that there was no difference. Borders came down, and people could just pretend there was no division. Overnight violence ceased. Do you really think that you can divide the island again and there will be no consequences?

The meaning of the EU election results is easy to comprehend. People want the Brexit problem solved, but no one believes that there is asoft solution any more,and that includes me. You are either in and live with the restrictions, or out, independent and alone. That's it!

Those that fear the referendum is just an excuse for the Remainers are right, but so what. Brexiteers you have a chance to win over the nation and therefore share the blame if it goes wrong. Alternatively you can just sleepwalk over the edge of a WTO exit on the 1st of November 2019.

It is like a man that decides to fight a bear to the death in its cage. He is so sure he will win that he decides to take his family with him into the cage to witness his heroic act. If he wins they too survive, but they will not thank him for his actions. But if he loses, what happens to them? Heroism or stupidity? You decide!

Not all sins are punishable in the next life. Some sins demand early payment!

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