The Internecine Factors: Confronting the past - Directing the future

Updated: Feb 11, 2018

The word Internecine is defined in the dictionary as :

  • Destructive to both sides in a conflict

  • Relating to conflict within a group

Few would argue against the claim that the above two factors pictured above, namely Trump and Brexit, are extremely divisive and corrosive subjects. They both attract and repel each other, not unlike van der Waals forces. Now I'm not a physicist but as I understand it these are forces that both attract and repel particles (not at the same time) depending on their distance from each other,

If no other forces are present, the point at which the force becomes repulsive rather than attractive as two atoms near one another is called the van der Waals contact distance.

In the USA, there was and probably always will be the 'conflict of interest' between the Republicans and the Democrats. Some of the other forces that come into play are the various groups within American society, social groups based on wealth and religion, and race, as well as other groups that have International standing. The world at large, especially those groups that have traditionally relied on the USA for guidance/ direction/ help.

In the UK you have the constituent countries of the UK, Scotland and Ireland, the satellite countries such as the Commonwealth, Europe and once again the world at large. While its global influence may have receded in recent years, the UK is still strong enough so that its opinion matters to those outside the UK.

The election of an American president and Brexit are subjects that few would argue are topics not to be tackled by anyone other than themselves, and yet time and again these countries are interfering in the internal politics of others. From Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Libya, Syria to Central America. What was the result - the benefit ? Squat diddly! What was cost - the repercussions? Too numerous to mention.

On the other hand, the decision has such ubiquitous effect, most have a problem not getting involved and expressing their opinion. When such an internecine (destructive/ corrosive) event comes to the forefront and refuses to go away, it forces all the affiliated forces to confront their own problems, very often to its own benefit.

Take the USA. The election of a divisive president such as Trump has caused widespread worry throughout the world. Countries such as South Korea are now taking matters into their own hands and having 'chit- chats' with their arch enemies to the north. Meanwhile North Korea is putting the finishing touches to its nuclear program. The problems with Europe are pressuring Europe into an ever closer integration, and the development of their own forces, independent of NATO. China is taking a leading role in the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) and its members are working closer together now that Trump has withdrawn. The Paris Agreement and Trump's withdrawal has caused all the other countries (and parts of Trump's own) to reinforce their common bond.

If my assessment on Trump has any validity, I foresee that while Israel welcomes the USA's decision to move its embassy to Jerusalem, even Israel will back down and withdraw its support for the idea when one country after the other refuses to follow suit. They are far too pragmatic and logical to stick to a losing strategy. When even penniless countries, some of which don't even have significant military might, won't fall into line and 'obey' the 'boss', you know there is a problem; because they have one last trump card. The world has learned that people pay attention to terrorist acts, and nobody is safe when that card is 0played. Pakistan, Iran, Palestine, North Korea, Libya are but a few.

With Brexit, the remnants of the old empire and the new imperialists, the supporters of sovereignty at all costs, will LOSE. They will lose when everybody else realizes that Brexit was just a pretext for them in their struggle for more power, more influence; and the party that supports them will realize that their support is costing the party dearly. In the end I foresee a 'new' UKIP, with its members coming primarily from the Tories, further weakening the Conservatives.

So, once again, every cloud has a silver lining, and these two linings (the Trump election and Brexit) are very shiny indeed. The problems that gave energy to their engines are becoming more obvious and, at last, forcing the world to confront them. From the limited benefit circles of globalism, the wealth gap, corruption of power, gender and racial politics to the very nature of politics itself, the future of neo-democracy, neo-socialism and neo-capitalism ... the pots are boiling over. The fog is clearing and ...

We have seen the enemy ... now let's kick its ass!

One last thought. There are those that believe we should give the Brexiters and Trumps of this world, credit for the fact that beneficial changes are taking place. That presupposes their actions were premeditated and well-intentioned. No they weren't!

That is like giving credit to a serial killer for changes to the law, or a massive tidal wave for a new flood wall. Not going to happen! History wouldn't like it!

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