The hypocrisy and lies of conflating the immigration problem with Brexit

In June 2016 Britain went to the polls to vote whether or not to stay in the EU. The remain campaign lost and the Brexiteers won. Now we hear about all the other things that supposedly we also voted for, like demanding control of our borders and exiting the customs union.

If nothing else, the Windrush debacle highlighted the truth about the whole immigration problem in the UK. Apparently we are now learning that there are an estimated 1.1 million illegal immigrants in the the UK, and of course our foreign secretary, Boris Johnson wants to legalize a large chunk of them. While everybody is busy voicing their opinion on the matter, as was pointed out more than once, nobody really knows the extent of the problem.

Of course, Teresa May has now promised to "fix" the Windrush problem. Apparently there are international laws governing deporting your own citizens just to lower your statistics. So be it, and whatever compensation they manage to get, God bless them. The hardships they faced are frankly, unthinkable.

But let's get back to the EU. The Brexiteers back in 2016 managed to scare many, many people into voting for them. Some even put up posters implying 60 million Turks would come marching into Britain. To this day, all you have to do is ask those in the Midlands and many will tell you that the reason they voted Brexit was to take back control. It was and is a lie.

The EU never controlled or even tried to control the numbers of people coming from the Commonwealth and other countries. They never said 'don't count them'. They never said 'let's shred their landing cards'. For better or worse, some geniuses decided that since they couldn't distinguish legal from illegal, they would try to bribe and scare people into leaving Britain. That didn't work either. But the problem wasn't and isn't the EU.

Already the problems are being felt, and once again they are being ignored. Who is going to fill all those essential jobs that either no Brit wants to fill, or are unqualified to do so?

The Brexiteers have now changed tack. No longer are they focusing on immigration. Apparently Britain voted to make itself poorer, apparently it voted to negotiate hundreds of wonderful new trade deals rather than look at its current market. Apparently they voted to sideline Scotland, Northern Ireland and Gibraltar.

The lies of EU immigration was even underlined in the last year by the significant drop in numbers coming in. There was a net drop of 75.000, almost a 40% reduction in the space of one year. I can see it now. Wanted Ads in the employment opportunities of the Euronews for UK businesses.

Wake up people. You are being lied to, and the Brexit decision isn't like your average general election. You don't get another opportunity to reverse it 5 years from now. It is a decision you will have to live with for the rest of your lives, as will your children. Even if in the future you decide to rejoin you will never get a better deal than the one you have now. You may not have complete control but you are among the top countries in the union. The British position would even be strengthened if it stopped fighting them and worked with them.

Don't let them take away your most powerful weapon. Demand the final Brexit vote be returned to you and don't trust those self-serving liars who don't give a jot about the UK as a whole.



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