The Brexit Panel ... Doesn't anyone think for themself any more?

Last night I watched the Brexit Panel. It was about a panel supposedly picked to be representative of the area which voted 55% to leave. Personally I think it was a sad reflection of the state of the ignorance of the electorate at large.

When they themselves say things like ... immigration was the important topic, but still can't see that things are unlikely to change and that they were lied to. To still trust the Brexiteers to deliver when in 2017 there was a net drop of 75.000 from EU countries but more came in from abroad is ignorance personified. To blame the housing problem on these immigrants when the simplest of searches will show you that they are not the ones in cheap housing but in squalid private digs they are forced to rent for £60-100 / week for a room the size of a cupboard, and who daren't say anything or they are thrown out in the street. So who is using these houses?

Simple, there aren't any, because for years the Tories have been selling them off and not replacing them, let alone building new ones to account for the growth in population.

The NHS has nurses with experience who are forced to go to food banks, and the government's solution isn't going to solve the shortage today, tomorrow or in 100 years if there are as many nurses leaving the profession as coming in. Already there are over 100.000 vacancies in the NHS although in truth, even if they were lined up outside the hospitals with their papers, it is doubtful they have the money to pay them.

The cutbacks to the police are already being felt. From more violent street crimes, moped thefts and knife crimes, now the police have longer to travel because of closures and get to watch the crime on CCTV.

The drop in the value of sterling may mean that the manufacturers sell more, but it also means all the planes and missiles they are buying costs more, at a time when the military is already cutting back. And the list goes on.

People, you want politicians to be more open to you and tell you things, but it isnt't going to help you one iota if you can't tell the difference between fake news and what's going on under your nose.

But one thing I will say. I have for some time perceived that Jeremy Corbyn isn't getting a fair deal as far as the press (yes BBC) are concerned. But that doesn't matter.

It's your problem Jeremy, solve it or forever remain in opposition. Hire a spin doctor, and be more forceful in your opinions. Nobody wants a leader who is permanently on the fence. As for Brexit, there are two camps, leave and stay. The leavers are split. As long as you are on the same side as the leavers you will never attract that percentage of the electorate that voted for leave because they don't believe you can do better in the negotiation. And you can't. The negotiations would destroy you just like they are destroying the Tories. Give the vote back to the people .... and on a personal level support EU because at least there are many things there that you agree with and you can always discuss the things you don't. Can you say the same for the tories?

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