Sergei and Yulia Skripal revisited: The need for diplomacy

If you haven't heard about about the poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal in Salisbury this week, then you must have been in a coma. The nerve toxin, suspected from the beginning, but now confirmed was of Russian origin From the outset there was big rhetoric from May's government. Led by Boris Johnson, confirmed by Teresa May: that if confirmed will lead to severe consequences for Putin and Russia. Typically, on the surface at least they do not appear unduly perturbed. But the pressures of the day, Brexit, in-fighting, austerity and pressure to release the austerity purse strings has, in my opinion, led May to make another big mistake. Talk about needing to be a tough leader. You see, threats and coercion only works if you never use it. It is not unlike the electric rabbit the whippets have to chase in every dog race. If a mistake is ever made and the whippets catch the rabbit, the dogs become useless as racers. They can never be motivated again.

Don't get me wrong. I have faith in the information that the professionals are providing, and as they themselves said, they cannot confirm it was Russia without some margin of error. Now I am of the old school, that believes that smoke and fire go together, that is to say Russian involvement is almost a certainty. But what to do about it? Britain's most powerful ally, the USA just threw a spanner in the works. Rex Tillerson, a logical and sane man that confirmed USA's commitment to backing Britain, lost his job less than 24 hours later. Now, Donald Trump has effectively committed his aid to Britain's plight, for whatever that is worth. The EU's top countries like Germany and France also committed, but aren't they the ones you have been trying to screw over during this Brexit process?

There is talk of confiscating Russian funds, illegal funds that the EU and especially the UK has been laundering for them for years. What do you think will happen to the British economy if the UK doesn't even stick to its commitments of Banking laws and data protection? Do you think that the Russia will just leave their money behind if there is a risk of confiscation? Now you know why Switzerland is fighting so hard to stay above all this.

If Britain had played this incident down, talked to Russia through intermediaries to find out exactly what happened and take appropriate action they might have stood a better chance of success. Just like May's decision to hold an election in 2017 in order to wipe out Labour, this decision to milk the attempted assassination in order to divert from other problems, is going to come back and bite her very hard in the arse!


Meanwhile, since you’re here perhaps you might consider signing the petition for the return of the final Brexit vote to the people. 3 Choices:

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If there is no decisive winner (50%+) then you eliminate the lowest scoring option and repeat.

Ask yourselves, do you really trust a politician to take what is almost certainly the most important decision of your life for you?

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