Selmayr and parliamentary bullying. Be careful what you ask ... for you might get it!

As an avid Brexit follower and EU supporter I am always looking for articles that I believe may influence the topic one way or the the other. Since we seem to be in a hiatus at this moment in time, I decided to investigate the 'so-called' internal pressure for the breakup of the European Union. On this, I now freely admit I bought many of the lemons that the mass media have been peddling recently here in Britain. You see, if you follow the press here in Britain, the pro-Brexit lobby have been implying the EU is on the brink of breaking up, and the Martin Selmayr appointment recently is exactly a case in point. It is also a warning to all of us (myself included) not to take sides until all the facts are known. (Poland for example)

This 46-year old German has as of the 1st March become secretary-general of the European Commission. Apparently there were two candidates and recently , the second one dropped out of the race but nobody will name him. Selmayr, by contrast, would not even have been eligible for the position if he hadn't received a double promotion almost back to back. Now any democrat will tell you this just isn't cricket! I agree, but look at what is happening. Nobody is accusing Martin Selmayr of anything but being heavy handed, and the rules are being followed. He is loyal to the EU to a fault and yet almost everyone, the reporters, France, Yiannis Varoufakis Guy Verhofstadt and even Nigel Farage are on one side and Jean-Paul Juncker on the other. (What! did he just say Verhofstadt and Nigel Farage together? Yes I did). I wonder whose team I should bet on?

Now let's look at Britain. In recent weeks the Westminster scandal of parliamentary bullying is gaining momentum. The opposition with Caroline Lucas (Greens party) at the helm is leading the charge against, effectively, the PM, Bercow (Speaker) and other top mandarins. Their gripe is that this subject isn't newly discovered and changes are needed but as long as they are in the hands of these same mandarins in charge of over-seeing the process, nothing will ever happen. It could be compared to a judge sitting as head of the bench at his own trial.

The similarity between this and what is happening in the EU is much too much to be ignored. But how many think this Westminster scandal could lead to the death of parliamentary Britain and democracy as we know it?

I don't know how either of these cases will end, but I know I am on the side of justice (not the law) and in both these cases, this is the many against the legally appointed few. This is a case where Justice's blindfold is a hindrance, because the law was made up and biased in favour of the few who in theory were democratically elected. So what are we saying? Its o.k. to commit crimes because you voted and passed them in parliament? But before you all run out to cry 'FOUL' consider this final point.

What's the difference between this case and Teresa May flogging guns and planes to Saudi Arabia, and sending military experts to teach them where to point them for maximum bang (even if it is Yemen)! Is this wrong? Would your answer be the same if it was your job that was on the line?

Oh! and one more final point! Consider Vladimir Putin an Xi Jinping. Appointment for life is anti-democratic? Yes, I guess there certainly is a case to be made but people ...

stop judging everybody by your own personal standards.

Maybe then we can can avoid our own silly little mistakes, like bombing someone into peace and democracy.


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