Scuppering your own boat and taking the crew down with you!

Have you ever noticed that some people, in some situations have a knack for getting themselves deeper and deeper into trouble. Teresa May is one of these, Donald Trump is another.

Let's take the easy one first, Donald Trump. A few weeks ago now, like Bush before him (with 9/11) Trump was handed a get out of jail free card, in the form of the Parkland high School shooting. As tragic as this kind of incident is for those actually involved, handled well, this kind of event can make you for your entire period of tenancy in the Whitehouse. For a while it even looked as if Trump would manage that and be a hero. By backing the victims and encouraging Congress to fight the NRA lobby if necessary, it looked possible that Trump would succeeding in doing something that no other president in modern times has managed: to bring sanity back to the streets of the USA.

But this moment of divine inspiration was short-lived, lasting only long enough to promote his latest brain wave, "let's give teachers a gun and teach them how to shoot". Not only that but now he has decided to fight the whole world. By imposing tariffs on steel and aluminium he may get the support of a few thousand steel workers, but p*ss off 17 million other workers whose livelihood depends on cheap steel. Already Canada and the EU are responding. At this rate China won't have to do a thing to get the number one economic power spot in the world. Trump will just hand it to him.

Meanwhile, on this side of the pond ... Teresa May is undoubtedly ambitious, but she also has a very poor sense of political judgement and for that matter, sense of self-preservation. From the moment she ran headlong into the leadership of the Tories, making promises for everybody; to the speech of yesterday, she is trying to lead by consensus, and managing only to make everybody angry. To all those that say yesterday's speech was a triumph, I say you are mistaken Sir! (That's politik speek for your a bunch of liars!) Teresa May was on a losing streak from the moment she undertook the leadership of the party, and the only reason she is still there is that nobody else wants or qualifies to take the job. But aligning yourself with a hardened minority cannot be smart by any standard. From the beginning she not only accepted their impossible rhetoric, she even encouraged it, and now is facing the consequences as the countdown clock nears zero. Even her friends are warning her. When Trump turns around and agrees with your judgement call, you must know you probably made a mistake!

The sad part of this whole deal is that most people (usually the most vulnerable and poorest in society) do not have the time or the stamina to fight this protracted ideological war of sovereignty and so-called democracy. To them the answer is just get this over with ... but life doesn't work that way. If you think you were poor before, just wait till economic reality of Brexit really takes effect - and then the only thing left to say will be, "hey look EU is poorer also". Teresa May even spelled it out in the latest speech. DO not expect things to be the same as before.

The politicians have convinced everyone that Brexit is simply a negotiation, a game of poker. The truth is that this is a club that Britain is trying to remain a member of with no fees. You might be able to save yourself a quid or two, but at the end of the day the chance of getting them to change their club rules to suit you are zero. I can say this with certainty, because if they even try, that will be the end of the club, and that is the only thing that could be worse than Brexit.

Don't give up now people, just another little push and the hard-liners will return to the underworld from whence they came. (Too much! Probably I'm sorry I guess, but there is a limit to the amount of crap one can be fed).


Since you’re here perhaps you might consider signing the petition for the return of the final Brexit vote to the people. 3 Choices:

  • Accept whatever deal is available and leave the EU

  • Reject the deal and leave the EU anyway (Hardest Brexit)

  • Accept the cost is too great and stay in the EU.

Ask yourselves, do you really trust a politician to take what is almost certainly the most important decision of your life, for you?

SIGN THE PETITION FOR THE FINAL DECISION TO BE YOURS. Tell your friends. Tell your family. Tell your fellow students.

This sale is only on until March 29th, 2019. After that the EU's price will go up. (Signing is free) If the people vote against your wishes ... so be it, at least you tried!

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