Scottish independence revisited

The Scottish movement for independence, unlike its sister nations such as Wales, is far more developed. In 2014 a referendum was held, and the UK Unionist movement managed to convince the Scottish electorate to stay a part of the United Kingdom on the promise of EU membership. In the event of independence, they would have to start all over again to rejoin if they wanted (and they do) to stay a part of the EU. Add to that the fact that their main source of income, North sea oil, was diminishing in value due to the low price of crude at the time, and 55% decided 'STAY', better the devil you know.

Come 2016 and the Brexit referendum, and suddenly everything changed. Nicola Sturgeon and other SNP members would have been happy to declare their independence there and then, but the people had lost their immediate appetite for referendums; and the EU, not wanting to be seen encouraging the break-up of the UK, could not support the Scottish independence movement, THEN.

It is now 2018. The government has shown its true colours, wishing to hog the repatriated EU decision-making powers for Westminster, thereby reversing the earlier promises and commitments for Scotland's devolutionary powers. The result of that still remains to be seen in the courts. But last year, 2017, a new movement began. A march with 17.000 people showed the government that the Independence movement was alive and well.

What's more, this year a series of events, one of which was a repeat march on May 5th, under the title 'All under the banner' movement, had a turnout that even the police estimated was will over 35.000 more than twice that of the previous year, with organizer numbers quoted as high as 80.000.

It seems the Brexiteers in their selfishness have written off everybody but themselves. They are no longer even interested in Scotland and Ireland and if they think Wales is just going to sit aside and watch the rest of the Kingdom implode, they've got another thing coming.

Wonder how the Queen feels about showing a passport everytime she wants to visit Balmoral, and how the Prince of Wales feels about a change in title to Prince of the Severn Bridge!


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