Schadenfreude or 'harm-joy'

Updated: Aug 12, 2018

There is a word in German, 'Schadenfreude', which apparently means taking pleasure in other people's misery.

I have often heard that word joked about in the UK, but if you think about it, the UK is much more adept at using it than most others.

It must be a very unhappy or pained mind that actively rejoices in the misery of others. You can almost see it, inside the minds of terrorists who have grown up in misery and brain-washing. You can see it in the faces of those that have lost their jobs and see their neighbours joining the ranks of the unemployed. Just think about the numbers of people that laugh at banana skin jokes; and you can almost see it on the facts of the Brexiteers when they tell you that the fall-back position in Brexit is now NO DEAL.

Somehow, the idea that the country is on the edge of a cliff has no meaning, just as long as there are others in the car along with them. Have you ever been in a situation when the traffic lights in the junction ahead of you have gone haywire? Imagine a crossroads with a set of lights, and two-lane roads, that are malfunctioning. Sometimes they both show the same colour, sometimes they both say stop for all directions, and sometimes both go! The result is always CHAOS and the only solution is to switch them off and go to manual.

That is the only way I can see democracy working in the vast majority of cases. People who have never given a thought to politics or anyone else other their themselves and their immediate blood relatives, are asked to take control of a situation that involves the whole country. Yet sometimes, the consequences of a wrong decision are so monumental, there is no real choice but to say ...

"OK idiots, you brought about this situation and want others to solve it for you (parliament). No! Here is the real life situation, now you decide what we should do. If you choose this path, there will be this good, this bad with this probability. Now decide, because if you don't then this will happen and this will be the most likely results, which mainly includes ALLOWING ALL THE SCHADENFREUDE fringe maniacs to take over"

I don't care if you flunked maths, religious instruction or even football. Take responsibility. Think about it! Think for example about the hard-core Brexiteers who are rich enough to have 2 passports and money in off-shore accounts. These are the guys that know your fears and play on them for their own ends. These are the ones that want 'sovereignty' to prevail except when the judges and courts ruled against them. These are the ones that cheered the fishermen when they wanted a better deal, and then sold them out without even a vote for years to come. These are the guys that convinced sister members (Scotland) of the union to stay with them because they will have Europe, and then dragged them out kicking and screaming. These are the guys that want their sovereignty back, including decisions that have since been devolved to the smaller members (Scotland, Wales).

The saddest part of all is that the opposition, is led by a principled man incapable of expressing a clear view about anything. "We need greater regulation and control of public utilities translates into: we will bankrupt the country trying to buy them back". This is the party where the message "we believe Palestinians have been unfairly treated" gets translated into "hey let's sign up all the Jew haters!" This is the party that has ended up splitting itself in two, because it thinks the EU will allow them to renationalize everything just because they signed up for a single customs union.

Grow up people, and get a grip! At least demand back the final Brexit vote, so that if we do decide OK let's leave, we will have nobody to blame but ourselves. Sign up today or just 'shut up' when it all goes belly up.

PS There are now many petition for a new referendum. Sign up to all of them, just in case we aren't talking to each other.

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