#fbpe #abtv #stopbrexit Q&A for really slow learners and Brexiteers!

Hello Brexiteers, anybody home?

We are now approaching the end of 2018, more than 2 years after the EU referendum.

* We now know that this separation of UK from Europe is far more complicated than was ever envisioned or forecast.

* We now know that there are ramifications that, frankly, are certainly not in the interest of the UK; e.g strengthening the case for Scottish independence and risking reunification of Ireland and the North.

* We now know that leaving the EU is not free, there is an exit cost, whether or not we ever get a deal.

* We know that the country is split about what kind of exit deal Teresa May is going to bring back, but we know with certainty that it will not be the rosy deal Brexiteers effectively promised in 2016.

* Irrespective of what Jacob Rees-Mogg and cronies may think, there is no way on earth that parliament and the remainers and the Scots and the Irish, and the business world, and the City (financial players) are going to let the fallback position of NO DEAL come into effect. Even if by some miracle it happened, the EU hasn't even begun to demonstrate what damage they can inflict. The latest suggestion of moving Irish - EU shipping traffic away from Calais, to other ports simply so that it can avoid the snarl that British trade would create; may piss of Calais but makes sense to everybody else.

To the Brexiteers I say this: wake up people, pay attention. Another (fair) referendum, one that includes Remain as an option, is no longer a matter of choice. Whether it was due to the complexity of the matter, or whether it was due to the incompetence of the way in which the whole Brexit was handled, Britain all on it own has managed to weave the most insoluble of Gordian knots. It is no longer possible for ANYBODY to present any solution that will be acceptable either to the parliament and/ or the people of Great Britain.

There is a small group that keeps pointing out that in many countries, referendums that failed to get one result and then repeat the vote. is not democratic. Even if it was true that asking the electorate could ever be anti-democratic, to these people I ask this.

Do you think that you are smarter than all those people? Which do you think is more likely, a gullible electorate of another country got conned into changing their minds OR simply when faced with the reality of their primary decision, the costs and consequences they simply said "BETTER THE DEVIL YOU KNOW!"

Another referendum is by no means a done deal for the remainers, but at least at the end another referendum no-one will be able to claim

we didn't know!

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