Playing with fire: The Salisbury Affair

Derek Bentley, Ruth Ellis, Timothy Evans, George Kelly, Mahmood Hussein Mattan. Anybody recognize those names? You should. These are the names of the last 5 people who were wrongly hanged in the UK before the death penalty was abolished in 1965.

In Iraq, nearly half a million people have died from war-related causes since the US-led invasion in 2003, according to an academic study published in the United States, all based on wrong information.

Less than a month ago the Western world was making fun of Donald Trump for taunting Kim Jong-Un and risking nuclear war with North Korea. The consequences of starting a war right next door to China, weren't even mentioned.

Time after time, it has been proven that hurried reactionary action based on nothing more than ill-informed or incomplete intelligence and fed by unscrupulous minds, results in innocents getting hurt. Whether it's a war, a lynching or simply the ruination of somebody's reputation through 'trial by media and public opinion', we just never seem to learn.

If the papers, the government and and even back bench MP's think they are being heroes, think they are defending the nation they are wrong. If you are one of the many, currently pressing for hurried action against Russia think there are no consequences to trying bring back the cold war, you are wrong. If you think that trying to distract the public from other matters, e.g. Brexit, can be done by starting a new cold war, without consequence, you are wrong. Nobody wins. Everybody, led by serious news agencies like the BBC seems to be behaving like football hooligans.

Because the Russian authorities, even though they condemned the act just like everybody else did not agree outright to Teresa May' s demands of tell us or else, it means they must be guilty and therefore we should deal out punishment and wait for proof later. The fact that they are 1000 times more powerful than you doesn't seem to phase anyone. If a government is like a parent responsible for the welfare of its children (citizen's) then the British government would now be on trial for child negligence and abuse.

What seems more likely to you? A government under pressure from Brexit trying to distract + a few some unscrupulous people trying to get hold of cheap money (let's rob the mafia) OR a 'sort-of 'dictator (but a proven track-record of intelligence) who went to a whole lot of trouble to win rights to host the FIFA World Cup for prestige, + a forth-coming election which he has sown up, signed and sealed just went crazy and blew the whole deal out of the water on the eve of his own triumph.

If ever there was reason to suspect somebody was being framed, this is it. I don't know where all this is leading. Perhaps we will find out it was Putin, or GRU, or a rogue Russian plutocrat or the Americans trying to frame Russia, or Mickey mouse or Aliens.

What I do know is we have enough bloody problems at this time without more being created by irresponsible people who can't shut up, running off at the mouth and the press reinforcing this hysteria in the name of 'freedom of speech'.

JUST WAIT FOR THE INVESTIGATION. It's not as if they are going run away!


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