Nostalgia and Brexit

Imagine its the 23 June, 2016. Its the United Kingdom and its early morning, people are getting ready to go to their polling stations. We have a new machine that can give us some incite into the thoughts of men and women, and so we decide to analyze those who decided to vote Brexit. What would we find?

So we take our machine and we start our experiment, we travel from Lands end to Penzance, from Londonderry to Lowestoft, and we start recording. For a start we find all those who are angry, angry at being poor, angry with the austerity program, angry at having to live at home at 28 because they can't afford a place of their own; so they vote BREXIT. Maybe Mr. Cameron will get the message?

We record the little old ladies who have to walk down to their local shop and today they are scared. They have been for a long time because the television tells them how dangerous the streets have become. They long for the good old days when they could just leave their back doors open and still be safe. This morning they are voting Brexit. Maybe if we get rid of all the foreigners we can have our country back?

We record the retired colonels, taking their morning strolls. They would look around and see a few brown faces and turbans and be reminded of their faithful punkawallahs who they paid 6d. a week and have the undying gratitude, not just of one man but also his entire family. These days his pension doesn't get him much, and so he dreams of another time, and votes Brexit. Maybe the army will need experienced officers to train the recruits? I get it. Its nostalgia, and its everywhere. Remember that line in Lee Marvin's song, "Wandering Star". I never saw a sight that didn't look better looking back.

But you know what people, those days are long gone and unlikely ever to return. There has been a fundamental change in the mentality of people and they no longer accept to be 2nd class citizens by birth. They are many and can always outvote you, and they too are angry, angry enough to turn the weapons we gave them and point them in our direction if need be.

The lessons are everywhere. Much as some people want to hide them, evidence of wrongdoing surfaces. Evidence of lies can no longer be ignored. And so when we learn that hundreds of thousands of people from the colonies (Commonwealth countries), that have worked, paid their taxes and lived their entire lives here in Britain, and now are being rounded up and deported to countries they don't even know, we cry FOUL.

We are learning simple arithmetic. After careful research, we now know that if your population is growing by an amount (say 10%) and you are building house at 5%, then you are going to run out of houses. We know that hospitals designed to handle 100.000 patients per year are going to have to drop their standards if forced to handle 200.000 per year. We are learning that privatization is only cheaper when t works, a lesson kindly brought to us by Carillion and Southern rail.

Oh yes, about the cheaper food. Our friend, the anachronistic Mr. Jacob Rees-Moog, asks, why would any government condemn their people to higher prices for consumers? Just a minute. The unions are screaming we need protection from steel from China. Our farmers already cannot afford much because the supermarkets are squeezing them dry. It now pays them not to produce rather than try to raise a herd of cattle. Besides, didn't the World Wars teach us anything, that whatever the cost, every nation must sustain itself up to a point or else face starvation during wartime.

Today bi- and even tri-lingual children are appearing everywhere. The good of fish and chips is being replaced with the ubiquitous curry. We regularly take our holidays in Spain and the Mediterranean, and we didn't have to give up everything for this. We still drive on the wrong side of the road. We still have the good old pound, and we didn't sign up to the Schengen agreement. But is that enough for us?

Of course not. Why don't those bloody 'dego Spaniards learn English? Because we are hypocrites. We want our sovereignty back, defined as the powers to our government not to parliament. Our devolved governments are getting uppety so lets reclaim power from them too. We are one of the oldest constitutional monarchies on earth and so advanced, we don't even have a defined constitution. We are one of the oldest democracies on earth, so old in fact that we still refuse to contemplate this new fangled "proportional representation".

Your voices will be heard on Thursday. Scream out your decision.


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