Northern Ireland and Brexit: Are they secretly in favour of a hard Brexit?

Many of you will know by now I have been running a 7-day poll on how people would vote, if the vote was today. From the outset the scores were never close as far as 'cancelling Brexit' was concerned; with 70% voting for 'cancelling Brexit' while 'Hard' and 'Soft' Brexit shared 30% between themselves at 15% each.

At this moment the scores stand at over 20.000 responders of which 65% are 'cancel', 18% 'hard' Brexit and 17% 'soft'. By itself it is nothing new in the last few days but ...

In the last two hours I tried an experiment. I wanted to boost it slightly and I spent a £10 ad boosting in Scotland, Ireland and Gibraltar ONLY. A strange thing happened. The time I chose was around 10.00 A.M. These are the hours that responders for the poll tend to dry up for a while, so I could see any changes, and I did. Now remember, in the actual referendum Scotland voted 63% remain, Northern Ireland 54% and Gibraltar 97% remain.

So the results are coming in. The boost was around 2.500 votes but I found the results astounding. 'Soft' Brexit remained relatively unchanged, while 'hard' Brexit went up 1% at the expense of 'Cancelling Brexit'. Now assuming this trend is correct, [and its a really big assumption] what does it mean?

To me it says this. There is a group now, both in Scotland and in Northern Ireland that doesn't really want a Brexit. They are just looking for trouble. Almost by definition this would mean the Irish Unionists in Ireland and the Secessionists in Scotland. In both cases a 'hard' Brexit would strengthen their case for breaking away from the UK. In the case of Northern Ireland they have even managed to secure the support of the EU by getting the 'fall-back' border position accepted formally.

So there you have it Jacob-Rees Mogg. It is my belief that you have managed to boost your supporter numbers with those who would rip the UK apart!

Good luck with that!

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