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I just retweeted two articles of the Guardian that basically was publishing the results of the latest significant non-partisan Observe Brexit poll. Since the publication of T. May's Brexit plan, almost 100 constituencies have changed from 'leave' to 'remain' with none moving in the opposite direction. The poll indicates that if the same vote was repeated today, the result would be about 54% 'stay' in the EU to 47% that would be 'leave'. Furthermore, Wales would now be firmly in the Remain camp. ... and there's more. The article now shows that Labour is about 3 to 1 in favour of 'remain' an firmly support a second people's vote.

In a Twitter poll I conducted months ago, I showed that the results I got from almost 30.000 respondents was 65% remain, 18% hard leave and 17% soft leave. Soft leave being defined as whatever is negotiated by Teresa May. Presumably the 'soft leave' is now questioning itself, and I feel strongly that when (Not IF but WHEN) the second vote comes, the 'stay' result will be even stronger than my poll predicted.

Next we have America. In the good old US of A, an orange maniac is stirring up trouble left right and center for the whole planet. It is said, that as a democrat or at least one who professes support for the process of free and unbiased elections, I should have more respect for the office of the most powerful man on the planet.

I do, I full respect the office of the President of the USA. It is a wonderful place, steeped in history, with quality artifacts like the wooden desk. The backside that currently occupies the seat at that desk deserves no such support, and those that support him proclaim only their own lack of ethical standards and moral corruption. A compulsive liar that will say anything to make himself look good, a cooperator with undesirable elements such as enemies of his country and the mafia, a friend literally to dozens of potential criminals now under investigation, a lecher with publicly stated values of women, and finally one who in his mindlessy driven rants often expresses incestuous thoughts of his daughter.

I want to address that once and for all! I no longer support the full and unrestricted balloting of every member of society. I no longer support unrestricted and unfetter ed expression of personal value, BUT ONLY IF THEY DO NO IMPACT OTHERS RIGHTS. I now believe in what I call 'qualified participation'. Ah! Some mindless zealots from the 'right cry ' ... you are with us .

No, no I am not, but in exactly the same way that in every western democratic society, no one is born with the automatic right to drive a car when they are 18, or practice medicine; so too, do I hold politics and public service. It is far too important, far to influential on our lives to simply leave it to anyone that simply says, vote for me.

What is the point of selecting only the best and most qualified to become public servants if you are going to appoint idiots and mindless politicians to rule over them? How are you going to stop corrupted and prejudiced officials from taking over the rule from a mindless appointee without the ability to think for him/herself but has the gift of the gab? How would I change it? That's a story for another day.

So, back to 2019. The world is coming back into balance. The reaction to globalism is now being understood, and many are realizing it is not globalism, but the thieves and hoarders of its benefits that are to blame. There is an understanding and a shift towards left-wing, more socially orientated politics.

I Predict

That November 2018 will see Congress changing hands, with wins for the Democrats. Possibly the same will happen with the senate although this is more unlikely. I predict that attempts to impeach Trump may be discussed, but in the end he will end up resigning to (a) avoid being impeached and (b) keep his son out of jail. I predict that by 2020, his hardcore and vociferous supporters will be gone from political power by the power of the electorate. I predict that after November the number of women now in Congress, together with a weakened NRA (National Rifle Association) due to its association with Russian money and influence, will allow congress to take many new laws restricting guns.

I predict, that the reversal by Trump's administration to regulations on the environment and immigration, will again be reversed. Sadly his tax changes will not so easily be changed and the new Democratic Congress will cause business to contract, with a corresponding dramatic fall in the stock markets ... but the good news is - trade will be up again.

In the UK, May will be unable to get her Brexit through parliament, and in a last ditch effort to save herself, will grant a second vote, and Brexit, Article 50 will be reversed. There are those that believe that the law may not accept Britain changing its mind. Think again hotshots, if the EU believes we want another vote they will be happy to supply the pens and pencils.

I believe a new Labour government will win, because the continued efforts by May's government to keep austerity going through underhanded means will force another election, when DUP go home. The EU will not allow Corbyn to destroy the free markets, and he will learn the hard but correct way: that you don't have to own the utilities to control them, but instead much better supervision and regulation are needed.

I predict that Corbyn will inherit this broken economy and will get blamed, as there will also be a contraction of business in the UK. However, the end of Brexit, will attract massive foreign investment and Britain should rise to the top of the league tables.


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