Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake - Napoleon or maybe Sun Tzu!

Last night's 'This week' program on BBC was interesting. George Galloway's rant had a pro-Corbyn, anti-western politics bent to it. His point was that only a hard-Brexit would give Corbyn the opportunity to join the BRICS (Brazil-Russia-India-China-South Africa) trade group. A second point that was alluded to right at the beginning of the program was the risk that the United Nations is facing today by their failure to address the Syria problem at this time when the atrocities in Ghouta are reaching record levels.

First things first. George Galloway's point about BRICS and the This Week panel's failure to point out the obvious, indicates to me that there is a serious lack of understanding of human nature among the political pundits and even interviewers of today. Take the BRICS group that Galloway aspires the UK to join. The very participants should make it obvious why such a group is not sustainable in the long run. They have very little in common outside of their economic interests, and these differences traditionally when they come to the foreground have a tendency to start wars. China and Russia have long been adversaries, and while things are currently friendly, Russia's interference in North Korea threatens to cool down those relations once again.

China and India are not too hot at the moment and Brazil, apart from their oil reserves have very little to offer. Its one strength in all this is its proximity to North America is a real nuisance if it serves as a base to bring their enemies closer, i.e. China and Russia. So what could Britain offer? Frankly very little. The Chinese have always valued power, military and economic. Russia has military and some economic. The same with the US and India. What can Britain offer? Nothing, but education. In this respect they are already taking full advantage. They happily send their top students with money and virtually a Carte Blanche to study to their heart't content. When the time comes, The UK doesn't have to worry about expired permits. They're out of Britain and on their way back home faster than you can imagine. Whatever Britain was to offer this pact, you can rest assured it would be a short-term deal, until the real BRICS had bled Britain dry, example technology, scientific know-how.

Lastly, it is totally unknown how the West will react to one of their own selling out and joining the other side. America won't like it for sure.

Then of course there is the absolutely phenomenally short-sighted Brexit request from the UK to have the right to sign deals. Wonderful, but it takes two to deal. You go to a business seminar and meet interesting people. You talk and exchange cards, but would you sign any long term contracts with unknowns when you don't know if they are princes or paupers? It isn't just the EU that wants this deal to be over with, and the way it will be finalized will affect the trade treaties of the future. Britain is in for a rude shock if they do get the EU's permission to sign deals. It is my firm belief that third party countries won't be quite so friendly to Liam Fox's visits until they know where they stand after Brexit.

Finally there is the second topic I referred to at the beginning of this article. The U.N. In truth it won't be the first time an International treaty has failed. There was the League of Nations that after World War I when it failed to prevent Word War II. That is a lesson that is still uppermost in many people's mind. Secondly, if it does fail it won't be because of some cause like Syria. Most like it will be because the US or some other permanent member of the security council starts playing fast and loose with their veto power for personal gain. For example if Trump starts using his veto to prevent new undesirables from joining if they want to. The power of the UN is their sanctions. If however they start abusing the entry power, it is finished. Presumably, as the saying goes, everyone prefers to have the enemy inside the tent with them rather than outside pissing in, not to mention they might have matches. I believe the UN is safe for now, but obviously reform is required.

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