My viewpoint: Syria,TPP: It's not Trump. Its the hawks. He's having a breakdown

Anyone that has been following the Syria and TPP question in recent days may well be thinking that President Trump is having a 'return to rationality moment'. I don't think so. The way Syria was handled has all the hallmarks of those round him. Trump's well-known 'man-love' of Putin and his attack on Syria are antithetical to each other, and now the contemplated additional sanctions against Russia show me at least, that the hawks are beginning to gather. By contrast there are concerted efforts in Congress to limit the Whitehouse ability to wage war on his own, hence the effort to reign back the antiquated powers the President was given in 2003 to fight Al Qaeda.

Meanwhile in the Whitehouse (WH) Trump seems to be having a breakdown of sorts. Just take a look a the postings on YouTube and Facebook. Traditionally there used to be at least some postings from his supporters while there were and are many more postings against him. What with his own WH staff, those with an ax to grind like Comey, (don't be surprised to see him running for congress one of these days), and reporters having a field day; Trump could well be forgiven for thinking the whole world was out to get him. [Relax Mr. president, you're not paranoid, they are out to get you.]

But it is the story from the 'insiders' that is most disturbing. He wakes up early and sleeps late , constantly watching TV news. He is now resorting to profanity and is seething, both over the treatment of his son-in-law, as well as the fact that Mueller has now passed stage one of the obstacles he has to face before getting to grips with the 'Cohen Factor'. Trump is virtually friendless at home; Melania, although around, only makes cameo appearances and seems to be in training to become the next ex-Mrs. Trump. One friend seems to have stuck around, Kellyanne Conway. In true friend fashion, she still has Trump's ear and defends him valiantly, although she seems to keep well-away from any principals' meetings ensuring Mueller never has to call on her. Even her TV persona has changed. She has a lot more sympathetic demeanor, but still deflects journalists questions with the best of them.

Guys, I once forecast that Trump wouldn't make through his first term in office, I forecast impeachment but I could well be wrong, because these days all I can see in Trump's future are white sports jackets, you know the one's that tie round the back. By the way Teresa, I wouldn't spend too much time with him just in case they cart you away with him.

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