Mixed messages: Tories and Brexit Britain

Much of the understanding we have today on interpersonal communication came about by the research of Professor Albert Mehrabian in the 1960's. Basically he said that the message consisted of three parts:

  • 7% of message pertaining to feelings and attitudes is in the words that are spoken.

  • 38% of message pertaining to feelings and attitudes is paralinguistic (the way that the words are said).

  • 55% of message pertaining to feelings and attitudes is in facial expression.

There is also a part that comes about by the way you look and dress, but let's leave that apart for now. In another article I found the following explanation of misunderstanding and mixed message that I now share with you. When messages do not match they are incongruent and come in various forms:

  • What a person says conflicts with what they said previously.

  • What a person does conflicts with what they did previously.

  • What a person says conflicts with what they do.

  • What a person says conflicts with their body language.

Applying this to politics and Brexit in particular you can begin to understand part of the problems faced in pre-referendum Britain and what we have today. In terms of negotiations I don't think there is anybody, not in Britain or in Europe, that can claim, they are going according to plan, even if there was a plan to compare to. But this topic is very, very significant. Like Trump's trade wars they affect all of us and seriously impact our pockets, but unlike Trump's changes, the results of Brexit cannot easily be changed in the future. It not only affects our pockets, it will affect our daily lives and those of our children's for many generations to come. I, for one, think that this particular war is so significant that as bored as some people may be and as irritated as others are by my views and those that agree with me; that we cannot give up this battle until we know for certain that action can no longer bring about change. If this was medicine then I would say until we know for certain the patient is dead.

All those that claim "the people have voted", can stick their rhetoric where the sun doesn't shine. That's like a burglar who goes to court. A CCTV video shows him committing the robbery but the goods are never found by the police. In court his defense to the judge is "but your honour, possession is 9/10ths of the law and I still have the goods."

To the average citizen who was perhaps voted on Brexit based on a single idea, think about how far down the line you have come since the referendum For example.

  • If your a Scottish fisherman and you now have the example of the transition agreement, are you happy with it? Do you really believe that after Brexit you will have complete control of your fishing waters and also a tariff free market to sell to, across the channel?

  • If your a farmer in Wales, do you really believe a government (that has already said they will allow cheaper, tariff free food from abroad) that has squeezed the life out of the police, the NHS, the Social Welfare, the military and God knows who else, is really going to give you the same amounts of subsidy as what you currently get from the EU.

  • If you voted to restrict immigration, did you realize that last year alone there were 75.000 fewer net migrants from the EU, even though there were no restrictions? They are no longer interested in picking our fruit and being Britain's political football. At the same time, the numbers from Asia are up, and those were never under EU restriction.

  • If you voted based on the fact that you are much poorer than you were before or you can't afford the housing, can you honestly, hand on heart, say that its the immigrants who are at fault, and not a Tory government that as far as austerity is concerned has totally lost the plot?

  • If you were labour or frankly even further left in your political beliefs, what possible benefits will Tories and parliament give you compared to years of benefits you will lose from a liberal minded Europe?

Wake up Britain, pay attention. The Brexit battle is not over, whatever they tell you. Its still in your hands. The caring government that promised help to all those in Grenfell has now announced that even by summer they will not have everyone rehoused. Do you really trust the government to deliver even your pizza?



Sign Petition : https://t.co/Wo8DgvjjYN

Since you are here, perhaps you would consider signing the petition to return the final vote on Brexit to the people. We now know that nobody can negotiate a decent Brexit! It is an impossibility ... and so what I am suggesting is to put the question back to the people in the form of a final vote on the Brexit deal. Not a necessarily a referendum, because many believe that is a binary tool (actually they are wrong) and this is a non-binary problem. What I am proposing is a vote. To be held in Early November latest, with a three-way question.

  1. Accept whatever deal is being proposed and leave in an orderly manner

  2. Reject the deal and simply leave, opting for the NO DEAL option

  3. Accepting that any Brexit is too detrimental, therefore choosing cancelling Brexit

Consider what could happen. If the vote shows a 50% majority for anybody then the question is settled. If you believe in British democracy, just take the winner, but if you are a true democrat then opt for a second round, just like the rest of the civilized world.

Most likely it would not and then, just like the elections in many countries, it goes to a second round, with only the top two options going forward. If the two options don't include staying in the EU then the choice will simply be between hard - soft Brexit (or whatever is your preferred nomenclature for the options.)

Most likely, the result will include staying in the EU and one other. If the other is a hard Brexit, then those who voted 'soft' will be obliged to decide in the second round, either 'stay' in the EU or accept crashing out (a 'hard' Brexit). If on the other hand it is the hard Brexiteers that lose out on the first round they will either have to accept an orderly 'soft' Brexit or 'stay' in the EU. In this way nobody can say this is undemocratic or that they don't have a chance at a Brexit of their choice.

All those who still insist the people have already spoken are doing nothing but risking the entire future of the United Kingdom, from Ireland to Scotland and Gibraltar, from Tory to Labour.

Then there is always the question of the interpretation of the EUA 2011 (EU Agreement of 2011), that hasn't been tested yet. One small phrase contained therein 'or replaces any EU Treaty' needs to be ratified in a referendum. What do you think will happen if this goes to court? It could even be said that the referendum held was in fact premature, and the terms of the Brexit should have been known before the people were asked.


The man in the photo is Lord Kerr. He wrote the Article 50, never once thinking it was his own team that would invoke it. Lord Kerr, a former UK ambassador to the E.U, said Brexiters in May’s cabinet were suggesting Brexit was irreversible and thereby misleading the public.

This former diplomat says the UK could opt to reverse Brexit up to the moment it leaves, even if a date for the country’s departure from European Union were added to the withdrawal bill, as Theresa May plans.

This is the only way to truly know what the people want and to unite the country again. Everybody, knowing the consequences, takes an informed decision. These are the options, this is the price! - DECIDE -.

Ask yourselves, do you really trust a politician, some of whom take donations from the Russians , to take what is almost certainly the most important decision of your and YOUR CHILDREN'S lives for you?

Tell your friends. Tell your family. Tell your fellow students. This sale is only on until March 29th, 2019. (Actually, if a transition period is negotiated it could be longer but I wouldn't risk it). Before Mar 29th 2019, even the EU can't stop a reversal. After that who knows) Vote the way you think and then its in the lap of the gods!

Sign Petition : https://t.co/Wo8DgvjjYN


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