May has lost the plot: Tories know they can't solve Brexit so just hand it back to the people

Grammar schools shelved due to their unpopularity, and now with £50m more funding, after a stronger government was replaced by an unstable government in the general election. 3rd runway at Heathrow kicked down the road due to environmental and noise pollution impact. Government facing crisis economically with funding for additional requirements to NHS, military, social care etc., some railways on brink of re-nationalization as performance in the North unacceptable. Grenfell tragedy disgrace reminds us that there are still hundreds of vulnerable towers with the same unclassified (UK) cladding as Grenfell.

EU blueprint to be delayed till after the summit (presumably the purpose of the summit was to discuss it). May has definitely lost the plot. She is now concentrating on trying to pass through Heathrow runway when her purse is virtually empty. The economy is weak, the pound is as weak as it has ever been, inflation rising productivity stagnant and May wants a new runway.

Now at the height of their unpopularity the government is trying to do that which they really don't need to, due to its controversial nature and unpopularity. What else is there to say!

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