Madness everywhere: Its called Brexit

A narcissistic, lecherous old man, pushes the world to the brink of nuclear war and is desperately trying to push us off. Having avoided nuclear war once, he is now trying again and desperately to tear apart his own team all the while trying to convince us all that he is a not a stooge of the Russian president. Meanwhile there is a growing trend of followers that want to award him the Nobel Peace prize.

In Britain, a Tory experiment gone horribly wrong has pitted mothers against fathers, brothers against brothers. All difficult decisions are kicked further down the road, and supporters are claiming this as a victory. And now, on a key decision on what type of customs arrangement we want to have, the government is presenting us with two options, both of which have been rejected by the EU. Our new objective is to have the Cabinet smart guys thrash it out and present us with the correct solution which we will present to the EU on the eve of the deadline for our decision.

As a by-the-way , anybody remember the the book/TV series "Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy". In it there was a story of humanity. Deciding they wanted to know the meaning of life, they asked the computer if it could calculate the answer. Answering "YES", the computer specified highly advanced hardware they would have to build and about 10.000 years processing time. Having accepted this, they built the computer, programmed it accordingly and went about their lives. Generation after after lived and died and finally the day of reckoning was at hand. After 10.000 years the wise men, the elders with the entire world watching went to the computer and asked for the answer. The computer promptly submitted its calculation, the answer was 42.

The elders were none-too-pleased. That's ridiculous they said.

- What does this mean at which the computer promptly replied,

- "you asked the wrong question" said the computer.

- What should be the question they asked?

The computer would require even more advanced hardware and 20.000 years to calculate such a question. Resigned now to their fate, they built the computer and set it about its task. Twenty thousand years later, and after hundreds of generations, the elders again returned.

- Do you have the question they asked?

- "I do" said the computer

- "What is it?" they asked

- What is 6 times 7 , answered the computer

Perhaps we will all need therapy when Brexit is over?

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