Lies (Brexit), More lies (economic recovery) and even more lies (immigration under control)

Updated: Mar 12, 2018

It is way past the point of calling the misdirection lemons. Even lies is too soft a word to describe the trash that the Brexiteers and Tories are trying to force-feed us. On the Andrew Marr show today there were two guests. The Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell and the real Chancellor, Philip Hammond. Andrew Marr started off by asking McDonell if he would at least recognize that the latest results show Britain is doing well, and of course the answer was NO. People, pay attention!

In the last quarter of 2017, Britain's growth was 0.4% compared to 0.6% for the EU. Overall in 2017 Britain was 1.6% compared to 2.9% for the EU and around 4% world wide. It was the lowest of the advanced EU economies. What is far worse, for the people, it was the only one where inflation exceeded GDP. That means everybody is poorer. Even Italy had a higher GDP than inflation, and as the shadow chancellor pointed out, even the deficit numbers have been fudged, because what the government is doing is moving part of the economic burden of central government onto local government.

By contrast, Philip Hammond as usual served fudge. About the deficit and debt, he is now in a position to lower the debt ... really? He has squeezed so hard that police are voluntarily declaring crimes they won't investigate. The military won't even be able to pay for the equipment they ordered because of the drop in the value of Sterling. The government is getting rid of the 1% pay cap for the public sector.

Let's not forget immigration. The government is proud that they brought down immigration in 2017. Really? because they way I see it 75.000 less EU applicants when there are no barriers to movement, does not bode well for a future when there will be forms, applications and bureaucracy to contend with. This, in the days when there are 100.000 unfilled vacancies in the NHS alone. For the poor nurses that are overworked under-paid: Hammond's solution, lift the 1% pay cap, and reduce their holidays.

The government is committing to building more houses, but private industry isn't responding. If the burden for affordable housing is shifted on to the local governments, what do you think will happen down the line when the debt comes due? Perhaps the government will create an even bigger Carillion, who the day they applied to the government for a £10 million loan, paid their consultants £6.5 million. Corruption? Of course not! That's just the way Tories do their business.

Finally, there is the ticking time bomb of personal debt. With austerity being as severe as it is, and interest rates being low, most people have loaded up their credit cards. The banks call it unsecured debt. What do you think will happen when the full employment and inflation force the Bank of England to raise interest rates? Who or how will these debts be paid off?

When the government has finished paying for all this, then show me the deficit. Let's not ignore the infamous impact papers. By the government's own reckoning there is no good deal to be had. Depending on the type of deal (soft, hard, sunny-side up!) it is either -2%, -6% or -15% damage. Hammond claims that it doesn't take into account the fantastic deal May and Davis will negotiate. By the same token, the result could be far worse. Getting pissed off with the EU won't help you, people! Only you can help you! If you are looking for the enemy south of the English channel, you are looking in the wrong direction. The enemy works in London, in that old building with a big clock that is currently suffering from Laryngitis.


Meanwhile, since you’re here perhaps you might consider signing the petition for the return of the final Brexit vote to the people. 3 Choices:

  1. Accept whatever deal is available and Leave the EU

  2. Reject the deal and leave the EU anyway (Hardest Brexit)

  3. Accept the cost is too great and stay in the EU.

If there is no decisive winner (50%+) then you eliminate the lowest scorer and repeat the process.

Ask yourselves, do you really trust a politician to take what is almost certainly the most important decision of your life, for you?

SIGN THE PETITION FOR THE FINAL DECISION TO BE YOURS. Tell your friends. Tell your family. Tell your fellow students. This sale is only on until March 29th, 2019. After that the price goes up (I mean the EU’s price - our vote is FREE!). If people vote again to leave so be it, at least you tried!

Sign Petition :

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