Liam Fox is either a total idiot or thinks everybody else is.

Watching the Andrew Marr program on BBC, I was struck by the brazenness of Liam Fox and the Tory party's lies. Either they are total idiots or they think we are. Most probably it is a combination of the two.

Andrew Marr asked him directly about the negotiating position of the UK, and Fox still maintains that it is against the EU people's advantage NOT to let the UK strip the EU's cherry tree. When Marr pointed out that many in the EU, including heads of state, see it as a point of unity and ultimately survival, Fox had the temerity to say that it was a matter of negotiation. In other words what was agreed last week at Chequers is, once again, a fudge. In exactly the same way that it is impossible to fully understand the rationale between the continued support for Donald Trump in the USA, it is impossible to fathom Teresa May's Brexit logic.

Does she really think that laying down a list of red lines for the UK is the same as laying down what they want from the negotiations? Is she so spineless that she will not express a real opinion of her own for fear of alienating one or the other of her supporters? Is she so egotistical that she thinks she is protecting the Conservative party unity? Donald Tusk was right when he said that the UK Brexit stand was all an illusion!

Then of course, there is the matter of what exactly being outside the EU actually means. The government's viewpoint is that being in the EU hampers Britain from making deals. The EU does not have a policy of trade with outsiders other than custom borders. They simply apply minimum standards and put tariffs and duty for goods coming from abroad. A lesson Teresa may want to take from this is that it is as much to protect the local production as it is to get cheaper goods. There is no way the EU and certainly not Britain can compete on price. If Rees-Mogg thinks abolishing duties from India, China and third world countries is to the consumer benefit, he should think again - because this will simply price local producers and farmers out of business.

Also, how do you explain the fact that Germany's main trading partner outside the EU is China? How do you explain that they now export more to China than anywhere else! Teresa May's visit to China last month was nothing more than her regular smoke and mirrors illusion show.

Firstly, China is trying to take over the top position as a global power, ahead the USA. Of course he welcomed her and of course he promised trade deals. But there are two problems May faces in trade with China. I won't even dwell on the fact that day by day, as manufacturing in the UK is strangled through poor investment and consequently shrinks, they have less and less to offer China! Nor will I persist in pointing out that China strategy has always been long term. They are not after goods, they are after technology which they then develop further. Once they have surpassed the original source, they simply dump it. The two main problems are:

  1. There is no way China is going to sign a long-term trade deal with the UK before they know what kind of a deal Britain will end up with after Brexit. If pushed they will delay etc. etc.

  2. China is not keen on Britain's friendliness with the USA that they consider a competitor at best, and a dangerous global irritant at worst.

So sorry Mr. Fox, but whatever your selling today we are not buying!

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