Landmark victory for the victims of Worboys ...

I have long been FOR the rights of victims (over those accused of the crime); and pointed out that time after time, the law has favored the perpetrator of the criminal at the expense those that have been wronged. From the rights of the accused to face their accuser in cases of rape, to victims of crimes committed while driving under the influence and killing innocent victims; more often than not the victims family take their injustices to the grave with them.

The law and those who feel they have been wronged are obliged to beg for public funding to look for justice under legal loopholes in order to achieve their objectives, rather than having the law protect them in the first place. The laws intended to defend the individual from the dictatorships and authoritarian regimes have been hijacked by by some unscrupulous individuals to help their defense in crimes against other innocent citizens. More worryingly, it has also been used by large, strong corporations with millions $ in their armoury and armies of lawyers looking to protect them.

For example by taking the legal sting out of the crimes committed by corporations that cause physical harm to individuals. Such cases in my mind could include manufacturers of cigarettes, legal highs and even deadly weapons. When are we going to realize that victims have rights too and enshrine them in the laws as they should be?

  • Landmark Victory for Victims in the Military - and Beyond.

  • Landmark victory in the high court for victims of asbestos

  • Landmark victory for victims of the tobacco industry in Quebec

  • Victory for John Worboy's victims against Met police

  • Ex-cavalry officer wins landmark legal battle over his husband's pension rights

  • Victory for victims of medical malpractice

  • Victims of school shootings (to be determined)

  • Victims of drive by shooters (to be determined)

If these legal shortcomings are not addressed soon, you can see where this is going can't you? Victims of petty theft to sue police and/or prime minister that cut police numbers on the street in favour of cyber crime!

While you are here, consider our petition to return the final decision on Brexit to the people. Do you really trust the politicians not to mess it up?

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