Keep calm and bury your head in the sand - Tory Brexit Policy

Its sad when you realize that Britain as a whole, led by the Brexiteers, cheered on by the media and supported by the public at large, has effectively resorted to taking English lessons from foreigners.

Exactly what did people think May was doing last December when she signed phase one of Brexit? Did she really think Barnier and Europe would simply roll over in the new year? Did the Brits really believe that May and the Brexiteers can solve a simply mathematical model with magic? Consider:

  1. Barnier and Europe wanted one thing from phase one, a firm financial commitment from May on the exit bill, whatever happens. English translation: That means whether or not they find a solution and get a deal, Britain owes the EU ... €x.

  2. Because the EU believes in peace and maintaining it, and because Ireland is a firm member of the EU, Barnier is obliged to stand-up for the rights of its members. Bearing in mind that any one of the 27 member states can veto any deal, what exactly did they think Barnier could or can do. but support the Republic of Ireland? He may have agreed to let May kick the can a little further down the road, but if anyone thinks this is a permanent solution ... they live in dreamland.

  3. Barnier made it clear from the beginning, there is no way to avoid a border (for ANYONE), except those inside the single market, which in turn can only be achieved by an outsider accepting the four freedoms of the European Union: that is the freedom of movement of goods, people, services and capital over borders. Why is May so surprised - when Britain helped make those rules?

  4. Pay attention Brexiteers, this is the mathematical part ... so concentrate. May's red lines make a border inevitable. May has committed to leaving Ireland undivided, i.e. no hard border, soft border or technology border. It doesn't matter what she promised the DUP! It doesn't matter what she promised the Brexiteers! It doesn't matter that she is threatening that no PM can divide Britain blah! Blah!

MAY SIGNED AWAY THE BRITISH SOUL IN DECEMBER AND NOW THE DEVIL WANTS HIS DUE. What are you going to do May? Declare war? That doesn't even take into account that you promised Britain a good deal!

Meanwhile Labour are also dithering but at least they left the door open for the next phase. Stay in the EU, or stay in the single market and get the people to sign off on deal. That way you don't even have to respond to Boris or Rees-Mogg or anyone of those deluded individuals.


Since you’re here perhaps you might consider signing the petition for the return of the final Brexit vote to the people. 3 Choices:

  • Accept whatever deal is available and leave the EU

  • Reject the deal and leave the EU anyway (Hardest Brexit)

  • Accept the cost is too great and stay in the EU.

Ask yourselves, do you really trust a politician to take what is almost certainly the most important decision of your life, for you?

SIGN THE PETITION FOR THE FINAL DECISION TO BE YOURS. Tell your friends. Tell your family. Tell your fellow students.

This sale is only on until March 29th, 2019. After that the price goes up. If the people vote against your wishes ... so be it, at least you tried!

Sign Petition :

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