Just how many more lies can we take

1. We just gave the NHS £5 billion ... even if it is collapsing

2. Crime isn't up ... legality is down i.e. the police have stopped recording some


3. Brexit will be simple ... we just demand and they will give up, it's to their advantage

4. We eliminated unemployment ... we took one full time job, split it into two, and

pay only 1/3. Job done.

5. The British economy is doing well it grew by 1.7% ... EU grew by about 2.8% on

average and the world economy by almost 4%

6. New direct foreign investment reached a new record in 2016-2017 ... Of course, half

the year everybody thought that the referendum would return Remain. Wonder

what happened in 2017?

7. We are doing what the people want ... there was no confusion. Everybody voted, no

customs union, border delays, to be poorer and bring back the Irish problems.

Anyway, who wants the Scots?

Strong and steady May says left, no right, uhh .. that's left ... wait a minute I meant right!

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