Its lonely out in the cold isn't it Teresa?

There's a jungle anecdote about the king of the jungle, the lion, and an elephant. One day the lion woke up and was in a bad mood. It decided to go around and terrorize everyone. First it met a gazelle.

  • "Who's the king of the jungle roared the lion?"

  • "Why you, sir, said the gazelle "

Satisfied the lion moved on. Next it met a gnu and the same thing happened. This happened again and again, until eventually it met up with an elephant.

  • "Who's the king of the jungle?" asked the lion.

Saying nothing, the elephant wrapped its trunk around the lion's tail, picked it up and started swinging and banging the lion. Eventually it stopped, and an hour later when the lion had regained consciousness it started to stagger away. Looking back it said to the elephant:

  • "Just because you don't know the answer you didn't have to get mad !"

Back to the real world, the situation reminds me of the British football hooligans in Europe. A set of British football fans were getting drunk and vandalizing the places where they were guest. In 1998 they did it in Marseilles and in 2000 at Charlerois. The newspapers condemned it, but those that would support them said it was just youth being boisterous.

But in 2016, a plane load of well-trained Russian Ultras flew in and confronted the British (now referred to as fans) and started beating them up. Now I'm not a fan of violence of any sort, but I did find it ironic that those willing to live by the sword cried foul when facing bigger and sharper swords and tried to blame the police for not doing their job.

Today, Trump, with no respect for Teresa May's political problems, has added to them by refusing to make her an exception to the steel tariff war he is instigating world-wide. Not Britain nor even a fellow NAFTA member, Canada will be exempted.

Britain has been sending envoys round European capitals, seeking support to fight Brussels. The Brexiteers don't think this is dirty pool, and certainly don't accept they are trying to undermine Brussels and divide the EU. They haven't had much luck so far, but worse. The EU is learning fast, and apparently someone has been leaning on Switzerland not to strike a bilateral agreement with Britain. Apparently they have been told in no uncertain "choose, Britain or the EU"

Britain can cry 'foul' all they like. What can they do about it? Its lonely out in the cold isn't it Teresa!

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