It's official, we have no shame!

In the US, a racist, who calls Mexican immigrants thieves and rapists, is now President. His country's democratic system, not unlike ours in the UK, allows a minority candidate to take his place on the most powerful seat on the planet.

The Democrat outpaced President-elect Donald Trump by almost 2.9 million votes, with 65,844,954 (48.2%) to his 62,979,879 (46.1%)

A political party that professes free trade, fully supports a man that has started among the greatest and certainly most widespread trade wars ever; against enemies and friends alike.

A man that risked nuclear war against a world pariah, North Korea, now claims he has solved the problem even though they have agreed nothing. Meanwhile the N.Korean leader has now gained world respect and Donald Trump and his supporters (Boris Johnson included) want to nominate him for the Nobel peace prize.

Donald Trump openly insults the Prime Minster and the London Mayor, and some Brexiteers support his visit to the UK. They openly praise him, trying to promote a trade deal even though it could well mean lower food production standards and quality, not to mention pressure on local farmers to produce lower priced food.

That scene on the news that showed the Queen, a ninety one year old lady, walking behind Trump and trying to maneuver herself next to him, is heart-breaking. And all this without a word of protest. However the way she clutched her handbag reminded me of those poor pensioners we sometimes see on TV, trying in vain to protect themselves while they are being mugged for their social security pay check.

Her slow gait and her stoop spoke volumes, and there is a special place reserved in hell for Teresa May, for subjecting her to this humiliation; whatever your viewpoint on the monarchy.

We bomb Syria, and as the country now descends into chaos, which we knew would happen, we once again are trying to distance ourselves from the problems. In order to please Trump, once again May sends more troops into Afghanistan; more people at risk of death in order for the UK to ingratiate itself with America. Trump and some people's acceptance and even support for his actions, epitomize the phrase, "the end justifies the means!"

Just one thing. Perhaps someone can point out the difference between Trump at this stage in his life and Hitler in the period 1936-1939 when he was gathering power around himself and some people helped and supported him.

As for Liam Fox, one of these days don't be surprised to see him pimping his wife or mother on the street for a few quid. After all he seems happy to stand up and sell Trump for less.

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