Is this the guy you want negotiating Brexit? - Oh yes, and what does Boris' support say about him?


  • 5 times declared bankruptcy to avoid his debts (I lose count)

  • History of fraudulent projects in his name including Trump tower, Azerbaijan: which was negotiated with corrupt officials and placed in the dumpy part of town.


  • Trump charities being investigated for criminal use of funds

  • Trump university being sued and settling cases with potential litigants out of court

  • Trump still refuses to release his tax returns, saying "it is anti- swamp like"

  • Has a history of easily proveable lying that would make Pinocchio proud

  • Trump paying monies to professional sex workers and not denying their claims of affairs while he was married and having a baby

  • Trump openly admitting to sexual abuse and assault against women that would have gotten anyone else arrested (bus tape)

  • Official visitors to the USA encouraged to use Trump hotels (emoluments), daughter making sweet deals with China the week Trump visits them

  • Trump endorsing congressional candidates that either have the same vile record of abusing women as himself or else are associated with corruption scandals, like insider trading

  • Trump sending a personal letter to Putin, hand delivered through a friend, the day that US administration slap sanctions on Russia over Skripal. PS What do you want to bet that now that he has warning, Trump finds a way to nullify those more damaging sanctions due in November. My guess is he will agree to drop the sanctions against Iran in exchange.

This is the guy Boris Johnson thinks would make a great addition to the Brexit negotiating team. This is the guy many other conservatives think has a powerful new negotiating tactic that they envy.

So what does that say about ...

  • Conservative/ Republicans and money controllers, their ethics and modus operandi?

  • The state of world affairs when such a man ends up polazing the world population instead of unifying them in condemnation

  • The state of world politics when people bow to a chair when anybody could be sitting in it? [How is this different to a dictator which we of course despise?]

  • About the press and media that think it is unfair to prejudge him since he has never been indicted and that we should have democratic discussions on Trump?

  • Us (all of us, the whole world) when we don't agree to put up with the hardships that will follow and sanction USA ?

  • And Boris, what does it say about you that supports and admires him and that wants to be party leader?

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