Imagine yourself in your opponents position ... Psychotherapy

The English (Brexiteers) people are either the most:

(1) Stubborn people on earth

(2) Stupid people on earth

(3) Selfish people on earth

(4) blinkered people on earth

(5) gullible people on earth or

some combination thereof .

Take a look at the title, and play with me, the game. Its actually called Gestalt theory, 'sort of'.

Put aside your personal feelings on Brexit for a few minutes and forget all your personal beliefs. Ignore all the stories you have heard on Brexit and for a few minutes, let us discuss the British conundrum.

There is a club. In many ways it is dysfunctional, and all the members are so selfish you wonder sometimes why they stay together, as indeed they do. Some pay lots of money to be members, and others are there with their hands out. But they have something only strong nations actually have. A single market. Its rules are based on freedom of movement of capital, labour, goods and services. These rules are rules that Britain helped put in place, and have formed the foundation, the backbone, the lifeblood, the arterial system of the EU. It has stood the EU in very good stead for almost a half century, it has enabled small countries to negotiate trade deals way beyond anything they could dream of. It has enabled middling countries, with good manufacturing capabilities to compete with the biggest of all nations. It has created a market that even the largest are envious of, and are willing to pay to get their goods in, as well as wanting a part of the output from such a club.

The EU doesn't stay together for its good looks, or its perfect life styles, but it has brought peace to its members that has been lacking for thousands of years. It has forced democratic principles and human rights in countries that are prone to falling apart every chance they get.

True, they may have dreams beyond reality at the moment, dreams of unity and one currency and one government, one army; but whatever the dreams, the truth is that built into the rule book is protection from this scenario for anybody that doesn't want it. You don't have to be as large as Britain, anybody can veto that change as things stand.

Now along comes one member, one country that says, you know what, its not enough. They want more. Many economic pundits have expressed in the past that one of the the main ways the UK benefited by being in the EU was that it was forced to become more competitive. It was that or die, and the UK did step up and batted the ball for a six. For a while, and then it became complacent.

Why bother slaving in a manufacturing facility when you can change your laws and attract dirty money from Russia, Iran, and other countries run by dictators and other undesirables? Why not use your Commonwealth to create structures to help other criminals hide their ill gotten gains?

Harsh? Perhaps, but one thing is certain, they, we, have taken our eye off the ball. Britain's values and thinking are seriously messed up. The Tory thinking; that the way forward is to save and save and shrink and shrink is moronic. They want to trade with the world. Trade what, if you have nothing to trade?

The only way to improve is to move with the world, to grow with the world, to invest. The word 'invest' is an interesting one. It means you spend today, so that you will have more tomorrow. The Tory thinking is that 'we have nothing so how can we invest? .... But that is wrong. Nobody said it had to be your money. As long as you can earn more on your investment than it cost you to obtain, then you can make money. In simpler English, as long as your return on your investment is more than your cost of borrowing, then you can borrow the earth and still be OK. We have had ten years of the lowest cost of borrowing in history, and what do the Tories do? Pay back their loans.

But I digress, I was talking about putting ourselves in Europe's place! Does the government, do you the English people really think you can pressure the individual countries to break away from Brussels?

They are polite, they will accept any visitors that want to drop in for a cup of tea, and then say politely but firmly, NO! But Britain is not one for foreign languages like the diplomatic tongue. We prefer to dispense with political niceties. So be it! Fuck off Britain!


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