Imagine: Brexit brings about an EU - India free trade agreement

This week's Commonwealth heads meeting may not go according to T.May's plans, or so the Financial Times thinks. It points to certain sticking points, like May's showing a reduced level of respect for Narendra Modi vis a vis Messr. Macron.

As for the negotiations of a new super-deal, the FT points out that India has for years been negotiating on a basis of preferential visa's for Indians, including student visas and the right to stay on after graduation.

Ironically, Indian experts predict that one area of their country’s trade that will be boosted by Brexit is with the EU. Britain leaving the bloc will remove several hurdles to negotiating the long-stalled EU-India free trade agreement, they argue, including the UK demand that New Delhi reduce its tax on Scotch whisky and its resistance to increased migration from India.

 “The only thing we can look forward to after Brexit is that now that the UK is out of the EU, the union is in a better position to agree to some kind of FTA with India,” said Prof Nataraj.


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