BREXIT MEDAL OF HONOUR - If something isnt broken-break it

Updated: Apr 3, 2018

I've written about this before . I have always claimed that sometimes it takes a maniac like Trump to improve things. By refusing to accept the status quo, by pushing to the limit, he either gets his way or not...but something always changes. Sometimes the damage done is bordeliner catastrophic. It is my belief he has managed to reduce the whole of the Republican party to a joke, an immoral, opportunistic group of men that are happy to support trigger happy gun lobbyists and worse ... perverts in positions of power.

Take a look at North Korea. He has manged to move china into #1 position on the world diplomatic scene. It looks like he may well have pushed China into taking a more aggressive stance against nuclear N. Korea. But if this is a deal ... what I don't understand is what does he gain if a united Korea, and China then become pally and pressure US into withdrawing from S.E. Asia?

imilarly, the Tories and the Brexiteers may well have scared the EU into becomi g more transparent and taking the whole democratic business more ssriously. Even if the EU falls apart, there will be a newer one, stronger within. There may even have to be arefendum, and some may even quit - but I doubt if many will leave. So the Tories and brexiteers are succeeding where over 70 years of negotiations have so far not. My question is "what does the UK does the Uk get out of it?"

I can see it now ... the greatest medal the EU can bestow on an individual for contributions to the growth and promotion of the EU spirit will henceforth be known as the

BREXIT medal of honour

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