If Remainers are cave dwellers, then Brexiteers are tree-dwellers that never made it to the ground!

Updated: Apr 3, 2018

If you read some of the articles going around in the on-going Brexit saga, you have to worry about the sanity of the people, and to be honest that has to include us. To me some of the arguments for remain are so straight-forward, so bright in a colourless world, that the very fact we are having so many problems selling the ideas makes either the Brexiteers insane, or us for trying.

Never argue with an idiot, the saying goes, any on-looker may not be able to tell the difference.

Take a look at what's happening. If there is any truth to the Cambridge Analytica (CA) story then it means we are in essence a load of patsies, because if CA did it and got caught, then a whole bunch of others are still out there, scheming and plotting. But there is more. 2014 was a tough year for the Scots. They tried for their independence and failed. The pivoting point many claim was that they would lose their EU membership. Does the Tory party and the rest of the Brexiteers really think they can keep Scotland in against their will forever?

The Northern Ireland problem is not going to go away soon either. What do the Brexiteers hope will happen? No border at all? If that happened, 10 minutes after UK leaves the EU, a whole bunch of shops will appear on the EU side of the border. NO VAT, cheap booze and fags etc. How is the UK going to monitor that? Signs will appear, £200/ ticket for an illegal immigrant to hitch a ride with an Irish family.

Even if they don't do it for the money, there would be hundreds of Irish doing it just to spite the Brits. All indications are that both sides would hurt, but no one questions the fact that Britain would get hit the hardest. How the hell does May and the Brexiteers think the county would stay together? The latest loony talk is 10-15 years down the line there will be another referendum (if not sooner) and Britain would join again. Except for one small problem. As one of the commentators pointed out, Britain wouldn't even qualify because it has disputed borders, with Ireland and Spain.

But for a second, let's just assume Britain got a really good deal. What could happen? Well, OK we would have SPEXIT, GREXIT, POREXIT etc. So what?

These guys don't have the economic power of Britain. They would be knocking on the door again in months and the big boys like France and Germany would demand a heavy price for reentry. They would demand "NEVER AGAIN" and make them sign, no more ins and outs. The EU would want a out 70% referendum to change again and make them sign in blood.

The EU ideal is an idea that is to strong to die. There is too much benefit to too many people. They paid too high a price in the past just to let it go. A newer, stronger, EU would rise from the ashes, and that would be an even bigger nightmare for the UK than it is now.

If the EU was to fall apart, every country in the EU would suffer and the whole world as well. This experiment in populism would set back the idea of the superiority of democracy for generations. And all this for what?

So that the greedy Brexiteers, the ones that harvested the global boom just for themselves and shared nothing with the masses. The greedy people that to keep people in their place by the use lies and spin to stop any uprising. Just think about the immigration problem. Britain had as many immigrants from outside the EU and couldn't even control them. Last year there were 106.000 net less immigrants of which 80.000 were from the EU, but still the Brexiteers demand control. The government only controlled 20.000 or so. The rest are EU citizens that don't think Britain is worth crossing the channel for any more. The Brexiteers are so brainwashed it is impossible to talk with them.

Then there are the people who think Britain still has an empire. The people who when pushed, don't even want parliament to have the power. The true power of "British democracy" isn't its sovereign parliament. After all, Britain doesn't even have proportional representation. It is its superior Judiciary that won't let ANYBODY push them around that has kept Britain strong, and if one is to judge by the attacks on them when they ruled that parliament had to vote on Brexit not the government - they too are living on borrowed time. Trump is a classic example of failed democracy, and the Tories want to sell the idea to the Brits!

By any standard, BREXIT is insane. In Jacob Rees-Moggs world, if Remainers are cave dwellers, then the Brexiteers are the tree-dwellers that haven't made it onto the ground yet.




Since you are here, perhaps you would consider signing the petition to return the final vote on Brexit to the people. We need a lot of votes, so if you agree help pass the message around. Whatever side of the Brexit fence your on, it can't hurt.

We now know that nobody can negotiate a decent Brexit! It is an impossibility ... and so what I am suggesting is to put the question back to the people in the form of a final vote on the Brexit deal. Not a necessarily a referendum, because many believe that is a binary tool (actually they are wrong) and this is a non-binary problem. What I am proposing is a vote. To be held in Early November latest, with a three-way question.

  1. Accept whatever deal is being proposed and leave in an orderly manner

  2. Reject the deal and simply leave, opting for the NO DEAL option

  3. Accepting that any Brexit is too detrimental, therefore choosing cancelling Brexit

Consider what could happen. If the vote shows a 50% majority for anybody then the question is settled. If you believe in British democracy, just take the winner, but if you are a true democrat then opt for a second round, just like the rest of the civilized world. Likely it would not and then, just like the elections in many countries, it goes to a second round, with only the top two options going forward. If the two options don't include staying in the EU then the choice will simply be between hard and soft Brexit (or whatever is your preferred nomenclature for the options.)

Most likely, the result will include staying in the EU and one other. If the other is a hard Brexit, then those who voted 'soft' will be obliged to decide in the second round, either 'stay' in the EU or accept crashing out (a 'hard' Brexit). If on the other hand it is the hard Brexiteers that lose out on the first round they will either have to accept an orderly 'soft' Brexit or 'stay' in the EU. In this way nobody can say this is undemocratic or that they don't have a chance at a Brexit of their choice.

All those who still insist the people have already spoken are doing nothing but risking the entire future of the United Kingdom, from Ireland to Scotland and Gibraltar, from Tory to Labour.


The man in the photo is Lord Kerr. He wrote the Article 50, never once thinking it was his own team that would invoke it. Lord Kerr, a former UK ambassador to the E.U; said Brexiteers in May’s cabinet were suggesting Brexit was irreversible and thereby misleading the public. This former diplomat says the UK could opt to reverse Brexit up to the moment it leaves, even if a date for the country’s departure from European Union were added to the withdrawal bill, as Theresa May plans.

This is the only way to truly know what the people want and to unite the country again. Everybody, knowing the consequences, takes an informed decision. These are the options, this is the price! - DECIDE -.

Ask yourselves, do you really trust a politician, some of whom take donations from the Russians, to take what is almost certainly the most important decision of your and YOUR CHILDREN'S lives for you? Tell your friends. Tell your family. Tell your fellow students. This sale is only on until March 29th, 2019. (Actually, if a transition period is negotiated it could be longer but I wouldn't risk it). Before Mar 29th 2019, even the EU can't stop a reversal. After that who knows) Vote the way you think and then its in the lap of the gods!

Sign Petition: https://t.co/Wo8DgvjjYN


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