How can Brexiteers refuse asking the electorate to repeat their wishes and still be democratic?

I have just been trolled and frankly I am happy that at least someone has seen my blog. But when I first read the comments I had to go back and check which post they were talking about because ... unsurprisingly ... they didn't make sense.

One lady; politely for a TROLL, selected option 1 and 2 but not 3. That is she both accepted and rejected the negotiated EU terms of Brexit but wants to leave. The second guy thinks its anti-democratic to ask the people again.

All those that refuse another referendum could take a lesson from the communication style between pilots or even more, between pilot and tower. The first thing you should note, is that the final instructions from the tower MUST BE REPEATED BACK by the pilot, by law. What's more, if the tower believes that language could be the problem, he/ she is authorized to move away from the international language of English to the pilot's local language if he thinks it would be beneficial. Can you imagine after a mid-air crash, at the inquest it is revealed on the black box (actually orange) that the final message from the tower was:

"I already told you twice, I am not telling you again. Ask your co-pilot!"

This is because it is essential that the message is clearly understood. To those that claim the message from the 2016 referendum was clear, let me remind people of some of the conversation.

  • The people didn't vote to become poorer

  • Yes. but they voted to leave the single market

  • No, they didn't, it wasn't even asked about

  • There will be no border in Ireland ... Or in the Irish sea

  • But we will police our borders much better than under Brexit

  • We can control immigration better (latest stats, EU immigrants down from 154.000 to 95.000 but non-EU immigration up to 205.000 [Which UK already controls]).

I said it before, I will say it again ... as things stand, it is impossible to find a compromise solution. The only ones who can decide is the electorate itself, when they know exactly what they are voting for!

Do you really trust the politicians not to mess it up?

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