Forget trade deal, what are the chances we end up going to war with the EU?

Gee ... Imagine that, the EU actually means it when they say something! It seems that the UK may not even get past the transition stage, let alone get to the point where they can discus a trade deal. Also David Davis is trying a new tack now, accusing the EU of being discourteous, possibly even insulting him. The way things are going he will be lucky if, on his next visit, Barnier and Juncker don't stand at the door pelting him with rotten eggs. As I see it, it was inevitable, and the mood between them is souring by the day.

Frankly Teresa, you have no choice any more. Whether you choose hard- or soft-, the other team is simply going to refuse it ... the clock is ticking, not unlike a time-bomb really. Your real choices now are have another election, and you decide IF you are going to stand to lead your party. In the event the 1922 committee decide to replace you, the election will decide once and for all about Brexit. If a Brexit hard-liner wins then OK. But in the event that Corbyn wins you can just sit back and blame everything on Labour, from a poor Brexit deal, to the NHS falling apart and police, and military, and housing, and local councils, and nurses, and students, and... and ... As for Corbyn you have to promise to give the people the final decision after the deal is known (or not). Anything else is political suicide. As for the Brexiters, just google Japanese ambassador warns T. May.

Koji Tsuruoka, speaking outside Downing Street, said international companies could close their UK operations if there was “no profitability” in staying in the country. “If there is no profitability of continuing operations in the UK — not Japanese only — no private company can continue operation,” he said. “So, it’s as simple as that.

This is all high stakes that I think all of us need to keep in mind.” The ambassador said Japanese companies had come to the UK on the basis that they would have access to European markets: “Therefore it is expected that they will have free access”

The warning came after talks between Japanese business leaders — including executives from Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Mitsui, Nomura, Panasonic, Eisai, Nissan and SoftBank — and senior government figures, including Mrs May, Philip Hammond, chancellor, Greg Clark, business secretary, and Liam Fox, trade secretary. So what do you think Boris and Jacob? Just another pundit scaremongering? After all its just his opinion, what does he know?

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